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Date: November 1st 1918


1st :- Small draft off to France. It thrills one to see them away A Homesick feeling to get back to it New Com! Col. Moorehouse in charge

2nd :- worked for Cpt Morrison in afternoon

3rd :- A wet day I moved down to Hut 29 with Hungry Mac visited ‘Y' at night. Then line ups -------

Mon 4th : started to prepare for the big draft. Austria along Armistice

Tuesday 5th :- Busy in the office. Letter from Bellie Shields. Mc & I in bad humour. Too little to lat. British advance. Capture of Le Quesnay

Wednesday 6th : [?] from Nellie: Still busy in O.R.

Thurs 7th : Letter from N.G. Reid who is going good in the line once more. Herman envoys leave for front. "Connies" in great glee.

Friday 8th :- Another busy day. The big draft went at night. More armistice talk of revolution in Germany

Saturday 9th : Another noisy Victory Draft left. Move to Hut B at far side of camp

Sunday 10th : A day of news. The Kaiser and Crown prince abdicate. The envoys arrive at Spa. I was on duty all day and things were quiet. Yesterday I met Shin Annis and some more Creelman Boys in No 2 Co. Colin Farrel in the Engineers

Monday 11th :- The big day. The Armistice signed at 5 a.m. Hostilities to cease at 11 a.m. The news came just at noon. Flags were hoisted, the bands marched around and the boys broke forth in joy. The end of the dam war. At night Mac and I walked down to Seaford. Not much stirring. A few guns at New Haven, a few Very lights, a few soldiers marching out and yelling. A day of Victory.

Tuesday 12th :- The news of the Armistice in full with the text of the terms. They were certainly stiff and show the magnitude of the defeat. Paid $ 2. Mac and I at Khaki Cell at night for an hour.

Wednesday 13th
A fine day. The first draft of "B" men, 250 ready to go. Drew their [?]. Up at Coggeg in Crening Registered in Short hand & typing. Letters from Mother, Nellie, A, Mc. & Fred C.

Thursday 13th : A usual day. Two new men in the office. Mac & I took a lesson in S.H. and he touch system in the evening.

Friday 14th . Mas is on Draft. All A men to go to France to be demobilized. Letter from McInnis. Busy all day.
Draft from the engineers.

Saturday 16th :-
Draft in from 10th of 17th Res. The leave question is foremost. All going A.W.K. Mac and I walked down to Seaford in evening for laundry etc. Letter from Nellie.

Sunday 17th :- Bunny of Wilson are Syts. Mac & I went down town with Jimmy Shaw in the evening.

Tuesday 19th :- At work in the new

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Original Scans