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Date: June 1st 1915

681 Cooper Street
Ottawa June 1st, 1915

Dear Alice:

Very glad to receive your Welcome Card it also reminded me that I have not answered you last letter. I have no excuse to offer only lasiness I see by the Papers that there is a few of the Verdun Boys getting wounded at the front I only Hope that Bob gets through it all safe and sound this is a terrible war, it is only coming Home to us now that the Boys of Canada are getting into the thick of it. Well they have up held the Heros of their Country But if you study the list of Places where the next of kin reside you will find that most of them are Englishman from old England. Annie told me that Jimmie Dibble (Beaconsfield) Had been woulded.) Is he in the same regiment as Bob. I met Mr Bathe one night here. I was in a Hurry to get down in Catch the Post. And I told Him to call me up at the Home, and gave Him my telephone number, I think He must Have lost it Because I never heard from Him after. I aslo went to Launsdown Park to see if I coudl locate Him, But on one seemed to know Him. Well Alice I am going to get married on the 30th of June. You know the girl it is Annie G. Brown, So I will Have to give up flirting with the girls and be a good little Boy. We intend living in Ottawa for a while So after whe get settled down and start throwing the Pots at each other you will get an Invatation from me to come up and take my part for this great Drama staged By the Crawshaw Brown Stock Co. Shows twice Daily. All the Lastest Hints in Modern House keeping and Head Breaking. I guess I have said enough Because if the Misses gets to know My Life aint worth Living

I send you what Love I have left.
Your Old Dish Wifer
Harry I[?] Crawshaw

Give a little of that Love to Lilly
Best resptects to Pa and Ma.
Had a Pumkin Pie Lately

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Original Scans