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Date: December 8th 1918

From: South Dibgate Camp
Shorncliffe, Kent
8 Dec. 1918

Dear Mother -

No more letters from home have come since last I wrote. It looks as if the letter you wrote on Nov. 4 has gone astray as I received your later one over a week ago.

The past week has been rather uneventful, much the same as the fortnight previous. The air continues to be thick with rumours, but I really think something is to be done soon.

An order came out the other day that all troops in camps in the South Eastern area here were to be given twelve days leave before the end of January. So, about 28 went yesterday and 28 more are to go tomorrow. These are unfortunate in one way, as they will have to be back before Xmas. Another bunch is to go on the 14th and more on the 21st. I shall, I think, try to postpone mine until 21st as that would give me both Xmas & New years. I would, of course, like to get it when Casey gets his so that we might spend it together. But, he has not as yet heard anything about leave in their school.

The imperials among the cadets here are all being classed in their different trade groups - the groups they were registered in before enlisting, and a start is being made at demobilization. There are demobilization offices in the squadron now, and it seems to be taking a great deal of work in getting things sorted out. I have just learned that all those who enlisted directly into the RAF and are in Trade Group 43 (which includes all apprentices and students) are to leave us tomorrow. There are about 47 of them in this squadron alone. They have to take all their kit and stuff with them and are sent on 28 days furlough. At the end of that time, they have to report to the nearest Dispersal Depot from where they will in the end, I suppose, be discharged. Of course, none of this affects colonials. What will likely happen is this - they will get rid of all imperials in time and have none left but colonials. Then, we might have hopes of something being done and a speedy return to Canada.

Love to all.
Yours sincerely,

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