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Date: December 31st 1914

Dairy Farm
Little Bentley.

Dec- 31st - 1914.

My dear Uncle.

Very many thanks for the card + letter we received this morning, we were awfully pleased to hear from you all. I am writing this letter for Dad because he is very busy just now, but he will write to you later. Well how are you getting on out there with the Germans, are they much trouble?. I have a friend out there guarding some prisoners. Have you joined yet?. I suppose you have heard all about them raiding the East Coast also coming to London + dropping bombs. Every thing is very dear, wheat is 50s. per qt.. Pigs are also making extraordinary prices, infact all meat is very dear. Did we tell you in our last letter that we had over 100 soldier billeted here for 9 wks the farms around had some as well. They were the West Somerset Yeomanry, from here they went to Tendring Union where they still remain. There are over 600. + a very fine lot of fellows they are too.

Every now + again they have to go down to Cook's Green, which is some where by Clacton + Holland; + guard the coast.. We have had a lot of foggy weather lately so of course they have had to go more often. On Dec- 28th we had a terrific gale, there were over 50 trees blown down on the Hall estate + any amount of other things damaged.

We spent a very quiet Xmas, I think every on did, we were quiet alone. What sort of time did you have over there Well how is Jack Parkins getting on ?. does he ever visit you now?. He did not come to see us again although he promised he would.

We should like to see him again, so you can tell him to come + see us when he returns to England.

I am sending you a view of the house + another of Dad + the horses, they are not a bit good, still never mind it gives you a little idea. I am also sending you a few photo's of the boys we had billeted here.

Well I think I have told you all the news.

Kind love from us all to all

Your loving niece