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Date: February 21st 1916
J. H. Quayle

27 Derry St
Barrow in Furness

Feb. 21

Dear Friend Earnest

I was well pleased to hear from you and to hear that all is well with you over here we are having lively times what with air raids and Sub. Raids and a few other things to go along we are not doing to bad after all. First thing I want to tell you is about that [?] homestead. If Pearse does not want to give me lease to stay away he can do the other thing. From the appearance of things here we are in for along job. The cry everywhere is for men. There is work for everybody to do. If we are not all fighting there is plenty for us just the same. It will take years before things are down to normal again and there are no men to spare to go and spend their time in the wilderness and I am not coming back till there is some sign of the war being settled for ever Pearse can do as he likes. You might be able to find someone who wants a place and if so I will be glad to them have the outfit. There is a bunch of tools in my cabin a good stove, and lots of pots and pans. I have done a lot of work on the place and it is very nice only a little awkward to get at I think there is a key at Christie Dawson + Heywoods office that will let you or any one into the cabin. The way to the place up the South side of Badger Creek. The trail is easy to follow part of it is almost a wagon Road. The snow will not be away till april unless the Spring is unusually early. But you may hear of some one in the meantime. It has cost me a lot of money one way and another but if I get a hundred dollars for what is in the cabin I will not contest any one who cares to cancel my record. Get what you can for it you are perfectly welcome to a good commission I am enclosing a small sketch of the land and if in doubt you can get any particulars you want from Christies office. The key was to be left By Wilfred Hardy who was one of our party last summer and he wanted to go and have a hunt there last fall so I left the key with hem. This is about all there is to say about the place and it is all I can say now. It will be a good place for any one who can be content there. But for me it will be impossible. For I have to tell you that some time this summer I expect to make a certain little lady my wife. I will send you a photo some later time and if you were here I would ask you to the wedding but it is rather a long way By the time you get this there might have something happened in Europe. The winter is getting over and our men have not been all used up doing useless fighting. Our ships are all in good shape. We have no cause for complaint. The German has sure got lots of respect for our sailors. They will have more before they are through with them Their cussed Subs are prowling around now and one or two ships have been caught But we will get the best of them pretty soon. And we are taking no harm yet. England never had so many able men before. Of course we have some who could be dispensed with but [?]. And Fisher and a few others who are with them we will pull through very fine. The winter here has been very easy there has been no snow all winter though there has been plenty of rain and wind I have been very busy all the time since I came over and have plenty to do as far as I can see ahead. I hope times will be good in Canada this summer and that the harvest will be plentiful when the war will end no one can forsee the German is a hard proposition and it is a long way to Berlin yet. But we are going to win and that in spite of all the obstacles that some people are constantly seeing and we are going to come out well on top once the winter is over there will be a change in the programme. Our Generals have done well to save their men. There are men in uniform all over this country and they are only waiting till the winter is over We have lots of Guns lots of food lots of ships. Plenty of horses and enough men but none to waste. And we have got the right men to see that this does not happen. Very little news comes through. Some of the newspaper men write colums of stuff as to what we are going to do But the men who are doing things that will make the world wonder when it knows the truth. Say just nothing. There are some who say what they ought to do that our navy is idle and kindred rubbish. But most of us are proud of our leaders and trust them absolutely. Some of the people here make you feel a bad taste in your mouth they are so selfish and narrow minded But there are enough of us to keep the flag flying and whether we carry a gun or stick to our tasks and do our duty well and faithfully in some other way. We have no cause to hang our heads or be ashamed to be Britons. I shall be glad to hear from you at any time and if any very important event happens I will send you a paper with the account of the affair and I hope I may have this privilege very soon

Yours Faithfully

Jas H Quayle