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Date: December 24th 1914
Howard Curtis

Sling Plantation Camp
Salisbury Plains
Dec. 24, 1914

Dear Sister,

I received your letter and I'm glad to know that my money got there at last. I just got back from Mr. Scott's last night. I had a fine time and stayed six days. I visited Crockerton. It is just a small village scattered along the roadside. I was all around the brickyard. The pond is very pretty there, but the house where Grandad lived has been torn down. We met an old man by the dam in Maxfield and he remembered Grandad. I would have liked to have stayed longer, but six days was the length of our pass so that all of the men would have a chance to get away. The real Canadians took their pass first so that those who had homes here could visit at Christmas and New Year's Day.

I met a young fellow from Norwood. He is in the St. Catherine's Regiment. Some of Kitchener's army are stationed at Warminster. It's a good thing for the people in business as it increases their trade.

We are going to have a good time in camp to-morrow with turkey and everything that goes with it. The men at the front are being well looked after. The Germans got pretty close to England last week and fired on defenceless places. It's murder, not war, the way they fight and their spies are everywhere. A large number of the killed and wounded were children and women. This will show the rest of the world what barbarians the Germans are. This war is no picnic for England. The Kaiser cannot frighten the people so that they will keep their troops home. Instead he has only inspired more and more recruits to enlist. Our time will be over here before long. They say we will leave about the fifteenth of February - more likely next month. I have a terrible cold. In fact nearly every man has a cold. It's nearly impossible to escape getting a cold in this wet country. I don't know what it's like in France, but it can't be any wetter than here.

I must close for this time. I hope you all had a good Christmas at home and a happy New Year.

As ever,