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Date: February 18th 1916
Howard Curtis

Sergeants' Mess
12 Res Bat
St. Martin's Plains
Shorncliffe, Kent
February 18, 1916

Dear Mother,

I received your letter yesterday and I got the parcel all right. It was a real treat to have a good Canadian apple. I will write to Mrs. Edwards and thank her for remembering me. Nora Reason sent a parcel to me. She should have my letter of thanks by now.

I am feeling much better now, Mother, but still they say I am not fit for duty. I'll likely be back at the front in a few weeks time. There are over fifty applications for commissions in the Canadian army from this battalion alone. It takes some time for all these applications to be considered. However, if I am fit for duty soon I don't think I will have any trouble obtaining my commission. Even if I do go back to France I will stand the same chance there.

My pictures will be ready to-morrow. You can expect them the latter part of the month. I am sending half a dozen pictures home. Do as you like with them, but don't forget to give Grandma one. This is the third time I have had my photo taken to send home. I don't understand why you never received any pictures.

It's been very wet here lately - in fact it's always raining. There should be fine weather soon. We hear many rumors about Zeppelins being in this district but I have failed to observe one of the mighty birds. I saw one last spring when we were in the trenches. Just think! One year ago yesterday - Feb 17, 1915 - was the first time we were in the trenches. I have seen, and been through, a whole lot since that day. It's just luck that brought me safely through so far.

I suppose Stanley and Floyd will soon be putting on the long trousers. I won't know them when I get home. So Oswald is wearing the kharki now! As for me, I have forgotten how to put on a collar and tie. It wouldn't take me too long to get back into the ways of civilian life again, given that chance.

Bertha and Allie have not answered the letters I wrote to them. One is never sure that our letters won't end up in the Atlantic ocean.

It's time for me to do a bit of exercise so I will keep fit. This time I hope my photos reach you.

I remain
As ever