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Date: April 11th 1916
Howard Curtis

Somewhere in France
April 11, 1916

Dear Sister,

Received your letter dated March 13. I'm always glad to hear how things are at home. We just came out of the trenches last night after eight hectic days. I had another close shave when apiece of bullet hit me on the left side of my nose. There is a big lump right on the tip of my nose as if some one gave me a biff. It's fiery red too - a regular whisky nose. If Dad cares to go to the trouble of securing a pass for me I would be only too pleased. It would be useless for me to try to make any such arrangements here.

I have some souvenirs to send you including a torn German magazine. All the German I learned at school has left my head by now but I do have a first hand knowledge of what the Huns are really like. You will probably be able to translate the German language by this time.

We are in a lively part of the line just now. There is almost a continuous roar of guns. I thought I would be a bit shaky when I came back into action this time, but the constant noise does not worry me. It is hard to write though, under such trying circumstances. The men will soon be back at work in the brickyard. No doubt the war will affect business.

I trust that no more pieces of metal come my way and I hope that Dad secures the pass for me.

As ever,