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Date: April 24th 1944
Mother and Father
Joseph Moore

Coal Harbour B.C.

April 24, 1944

Hello again, Mom & Dad,

Glad to receive your letter. How are you, I am fine, almost, and then only sometimes. No doubt you will be surprised to see a new return address upon my letters. I had to postpone my furlough again on account of the move. Now I don't know when any of us will get out, for it will take some time to get the squadron settled. It sure was a lot of work getting things in shape to leave Alliford Bay. We were to have left yesterday but the weather closed in. Some of the aircraft did leave but only two got here, the rest turning back. They allowed 14 men in each aircraft besides the crew. We were only allowed to bring our blankets, and shaving things but nearly everyone smuggled his writing kit also. My two large kit bags and my battle equipment were put on one of our boats and will arrive in a few days, I hope. I don't know much about this station yet, but I will write later when I am settled.

I am glad you got my wire. I was not sure it would reach you in time. I sent it from the station W.O.G. shop. From there, it went over to Dead Tree Point on Graham Island, from there to Pr. Rupert & so on.

I hope both of you & Dad enjoyed your birthdays. It is funny you should write that maybe my next letter would be from me on my way south. Well, I am nearly 300 miles further south, all right, but not on leave, worse luck. Coal Harbour is near the north end of Vancouver Island. The station is 28 miles from the open sea on the west side. This leaves us only about 15 miles from the east side of the island. A road goes from the station to Port Hardy where the boats come in. I think the boats come to a place called Port Alice on the west side someplace.

I was sorry to hear about Harold and Dorothy's child. It must have been, as you say, a great disappointment.

I had a letter from Mary and in it she told me she did not sing for Betty, but I think she was there. I don't suppose you would recognize her only having seen her once. I think she still works in Zeller's on Saturdays.

Thanks for the vacation wishes. I will write or send something when I go down south. So long for now -


Have my letters ever been censored?

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