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Date: May 18th 1944
Mother and Father
Joseph Moore

Coal Harbour, B.C.
May 18/44

Dear Mom and Dad --

Glad to receive your letter and glad you got my new address. It is a change for the better in climate but the station is worse, I think. You must have received my letter some time ago, because I got a letter from Aunt Reta last week, addressed here. I guess she got this address from you.

I had to laugh when you mention my being able to go someplace on a 48. A 48 is practically unheard of out here. As for my furlough ---- it pains them deeply to see anyone go out on leave around here. I was put off three times at Alliford and I am trying to get my teeth fixed before I try down here. I have an appointment for May 29th that I made as soon as I arrived here so you can see how eager they are to help their men out in the "Recaff" (our version of the R.C.A.F.). I have been I the bush for going on 8 months and am getting so I don't care whether I get out or not. I would probably climb a pole if I saw a street car.

I got a letter from Jim last week, too. It was re-addressed from Alliford Bush. He sent me two pictures of him and Bob in civvies, out on their bikes, and dressed up and out walking. They must really be having a swell time except for the bombings. I don't think you will ever get pictures of me while I am out here. The camera and film situation is worse here than in Alliford. I almost forgot, I have one picture that an armourer, "Buzz" Young, took of me one evening while we were hiking on Graham island west of Queen Charlotte City. There was not much light. It is just my dim profile in the sunset, a few mountains & a bay. I would like to keep it, but I will send it you. Could you possibly take a good snap of that photograph I had taken before I left. It can't be very good because I felt so uncomfortable while sitting for it but I would like to see it anyway.

I would like to see the blossoms again. They always were pretty nice. There aren't any here. We have lots of flowers around the station and the hills & mountains are covered with evergreens & alders and capped with snow. Being on nights now, I have my afternoons to myself which is not bad. We have hiked to surrounding lakes & old coal mines, rowed in the bay and fished a little bit.

Sorry to hear about Aunt Doris. I just answered last week, a letter I received from her in April, I think it was. It was quite a while ago, anyway. I apologized for the delay. Up here we get awful lazy spells and very depressed at times.

That [news] about the cottage and garden sounds nice. (" I would give a lot to be down there. How about you?") That is a line from Jim's letter. I -would certainly like to be there all right.

By the way in Jim's letter he also mentioned not doing do much sightseeing now because ------- and the next four or five lines have been clipped out by "EXAMINER 2225." Imagine that. He must have been moved or something.

No, I don't think I will be seeing the cottage this year, so don't wonder about it. I think I will be on the coast for the duration.

So you saw Chatty again, eh? Is she as good looking as ever? It always struck me as funny that you were concerned whether she spoke to you or not. Anyway, I wish I was within speaking distance of any girl right now. I sent Chatty a Christmas card but I never heard from her. I guess she still has her boy friend in the Air Force that she has had for some time.

I am glad to hear that it is so nice at the lake now. I hope you have a nice time this summer.

That wedding must have been a little bit of excitement around the old street. I'll bet you & Dad enjoyed that bowling banquet very much. We were just commencing to build a swell league of our own in our own bushed way at Alliford on our new alleys but now #7 B.R. from Rupert is there and are using them. There are no alleys here. Quite a few of the Galt gang are in 7 B.R. I saw a couple of them up there because the weather closed in as they arrived and we spent an extra night in Alliford. We had a great little reunion. The two boys from Hamilton were Grant McDonald, and Harry Rouse, who went to St. Giles church also. That reminds me, I got a nice letter from Dr. Martin informing me of his retirement and inviting me to visit him after the war at his home in Toronto after the war. It was in the form of a general letter, type-written, to all the men from the church in the service. Well, its 3 A.M., so I had better crawl into my sack. Hoping this finds you all well, so long for now --


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