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Date: May 24th 1944
Mother and Father
Joseph Moore

Coal Harbour, B.C.
May 24, 1944

Dear Mom and Dad --

Glad to receive your letter and glad to hear that you received my card. I had never seen anything quite like it before and I thought you would like it.

It is 6 A.M. and I have .just come off work. Last night happened to be one of our troublesome nights. I thought I would write this before seven o'clock, when the mess opens for breakfast. I have a few letters to answer and get out in the Wednesday night mail so I think I'll stay up all morning & sleep a little this afternoon. That sounds queer about Jim and his warts. He only had one or two last time I saw him.

Your front curtains must be getting quite a workout with all the weddings around there.

It must be pretty risky drinking that lake water. The water on the station is not so good but you should taste it in the mountain streams. We drink from them when we are out exploring the countryside. That's too bad the Tootils sold their place. You got along nicely with them. How are the Woods' doing these days.

Yes, I used to go to public school with Bruce Sixsmith but Jim & I knew his older brother, Charlie, better. Bruce was in Galt at the same time as I was. He is an air frame mechanic. I met his wife in Gait one Sunday. I don't remember where Bruce was posted to. He writes to a rigger here named Carpenter who lives across from Scott's store on 23rd St.

So Jim is smoking cigars now, eh? I thought he was smarter than me, but I guess not.

Yes, I am in my eighth month in the bush and I would like to have you see me come in the door, but I don't think that will be until I come in to stay.

We do a lot of rowing, climbing and hiking, but the water is too cold for swimming. Yesterday afternoon, we ran along the rocks on the shore for about 4 miles and then we laid in the sun for a while resting. When we started back the tide was in and we really had to fight our way back through heavy underbrush. I am all cuts and bruises from head to foot. The last half mile to the station we gave up as a bad job for we were down to our hands & knees & stomachs, so we went into the water, clothes and all up to our thighs and waded the rest of the way. We have seen two bears in our travels but they did not see us. Well, I think the mess hall will be open now, so I will close this letter and open my face. Hoping this finds you all well, so long for now --


P.S. Went before the board for my "A" group but have not heard results yet.

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