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Date: September 19th 1944
Mother and Father
Joseph Moore

R.C.A.F. Overseas
Sept. 19, 1944

Dear Mom and Dad --

Everything is okay here and I hope its the same there. I haven't had many chances to write, and I think it will be that way for some time, so don't expect to hear from me like you do from Jim. Anyway, we are so restricted in our letters that there isn't anything I can say about the places I've been or the things I've seen or done. Right now, I'm at a loss for something to fill this page with. Oh yes, I met Percy Hutchinson when we docked. He is with the #3 R.C.A.F. band keeping up the morale of the boys. They played us into this place. I was sure glad to see him. I met Alec. Grainger too, and Percy Gull and Ken Bayliss, boys from the mountain. I have also met a lot of air crew boys who have been here some time. There were two letters from Jim awaiting me at the reception centre. One had been all the way to Coal Harbour and back to England again. The other, he mailed the day we docked. Evidently he knew where I would go first, having been there himself. He asked me to get leave and go to his lodgings and we would go to Aunt Molly's place. He gave me all the directions I needed, but, unfortunately, leave was out of the question. Jim then made arrangements to come and see me. I went to the station to meet him but he didn't show up. That was my last night at that place. We pulled out the next morning for this place so I wrote him and he may get up here to see me. At any rate there is no chance of my getting to London although I am going to try to get to Blackpool. I have not contacted Roy Howler yet. He is here someplace or maybe in France. The food at the reception centre was swell but it is awful here. We get tea at 5.30 and supper at eight. It is awfully cold and damp at night here, too. By the way, I lost my hay fever on the way over, so that brightened my outlook a little. Did you get that other set of pictures made from those negatives, and send Aunties the ones they wanted? The only things I would like are raisins, razor blades, soap (both face and sunlight laundry) and, of course, that gum. I got the letter you wrote on July 29 forwarded from Lachine. Well, what do you know? I've filled this paper up and all. Hoping this finds you both well, so long for now --


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