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Date: February 3rd 1945
Mother and Father
Joseph Moore

R-208467.L.A.C. MOORE, J.L.
#436 SQDN., R.C.A.F.
Feb. 3/45.

Dear Mom & Dad,

I was very glad last night to receive the Christmas box you sent. Also your letter of Jan. 20. Sorry to hear you aren't getting much mail from Jim or myself, but you have to allow for weather. Losses, etc. This last one of yours came in 13 days which was very good. Thanks for all those swell things. With the exception of the shortbreads, which were pulverized and through everything else, the parcel came through in fine shape. The brush with the toilet case incorporated is really swell. This has been Christmas week in the camp. Everyone's parcels are coming through. So far I have received five. A few days ago I got one from Bea Fearnley in which was a nice black tie, some blue hankies, and some gum. I wrote and thanked her. The day before yesterday I got two. One from Aunties Bea. & Em. In which was a Christmas cake in a tin, a tin of assorted nuts, and a tin of cookies that I liked when they used to get them while I was there on leave. Also, two films, candy & gum. The other parcel was more film candy & gum from friends in Quatsino. I have written them letters of thanks, too. Every spare moment I have, it seems goes into letters. I write about twenty to twenty-five letters a month. I have five unanswered in my kit now but they will have to wait until I finish this to you and one to Aunt Reta & Uncle Les. thanking them for the swell box they sent. It came with yours. There was a can of chicken in it, among a lot of other swell things, that we opened last night and warmed it over a bamboo fire and had a little Christmas dinner. There are four of us in the tent and between us and from all our parcels we had quite a feed and will keep on having midnight snacks for a while. The mess hall isn't good but it seems awful bad now after tasting good stuff. Thanks for all the news. I have had no letters from Jim & Gwen or Aunt Molly or Marg for a while either. Bound to, soon, though. So long for now. --

Love --

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