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Date: April 6th 1917
Roderick Todd

April 6-17

Dear Maw,

Your letter of Mar. 1s arrived the day after I last wrote you. Here goes for another spar day you cut out the sick stunt. quick. No place for you. One more sick spell and I will arrive in person to investigate.

Blake is O.K. now and hopes to get back to the unit pretty soon. He is doing light duty at some base hospital. Hear from him yesterday.

So Eric is now a "home guard" I thought he would probably join the "Bantams". Does he look like a man in his Kakhi. Gee, I would enjoy taking a fall out of him now. Weighed myself today and I make 167- more than I ever was before.

We hear that the U.S. is now into the mess. Things ought to quit soon now. Poor Fritz has few friends these fine mornings. Have been having a nice quiet time lately with no special excitement. I manage to get in about 8 miles of a route march daily which helps me from getting too fat.

Lee often accompanies me which makes things pleasanter. He is looking very well these days and is as chipper as a cricket.

April 9

Just got a parcel and a letter from Aunt Bella. The parcel was from you but included a couple of hankerchiefs from Aunt Bella besides you evidently gave her the proper dope on my wants as the package contained nuts, raisins and dates.

Yesterday was a glorious day here. All the French maidens were out in there Sunday best and believe me they looked fine. Easter Sunday was the cause of allthe disturbance. I had to chase up some rations to some of our boys and got a saddle horse for the job. I am a punk rider but certainly enjoyed myself. Everything was so quiet and peaceful. We got a splendid view over miles of beautiful country from the top of one hill that we ascended. I hope the weather keeps on.

So the U.S. is now into the fuss. I hope her entrances into the war will have the effect of shortening it considerably. Well, now here is where I quit. Many happy returns of your birthday also dad's and Elsie's. Did Elsie get the souvenir I sent to her baby at Xmas. Am feeling fine.

Your loving son,

*I hope you got the souvenir knives etc*