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Date: December 9th 1917
Roderick Anderson Todd

Ward 3-
No. 2 Military Hospital
Dec. 9-17

Dear Mother-

Yesterday was a great day for me- I recieved 13 letters from France- among them being yours of Oct.17- 2 from Dorothy- 1 from Mrs. Streets 1 from Bill Schjelderup- and 3 from boys of the 13th. Some mail. So I was tickled to death. From now on I will get my mail regularly- three cheers.

I am feeling fine, and some. They have increased my rations, which was all I needed to put my on my feet again (top notch) I can travel with the rest of them now- and am just itching for permission to go out and explore the city. The wound is coming along fine- couldn't do better.

We certainly have a nice time around this hospital. The other boys are a fine jolley bunch and the nurses couldn't be improved on. Enter- tournaments, visitors and an inexhaustible library make the time pass very pleasantly. So we should worry. My little walks around the ground are very enjoyable and keep me in first class condition.

Bill's letter was sure appreciated. He is now with the Canadian Corp- (A.S.C.) and glad to be with them. His wife is in good health, and of course Bill is in top notch condition. I hope he gets leave to England at Christmas and can come and see me. That would be great stuff.

Mrs. Streets writes that all is well- she is very interested in our work and wants to know what she can do to help things along. It is a very nice letter- I will answer her soon.

I wrote to Uncle Jack, asking him, if he still intended to give me the razor to send it over as I have lost mine in the scuffle. I don't think that there will be much risk of it being lost and I would certainly be glad to get it- provided he had absolutely no use for it. I don't want him to send it in that case- and I would like you to impress that on him when you write him next.

I got the money order this morning and many thanks for the same. I hope that I did not embarrass that family financially by asking for the amount. I intended to get some Xmas presents for you folks from Paris with the amount left over after I paid my debt but I am afraid that is out of the question now. I am going to try and get out tomorrow and do my Xmas shopping- it will be some fun all right.

I am glad to hear of your Seattle trip and hope that you enjoyed yourself to the limit. I hope to hear of another such trip in the near future. Please thank Mr. and Mrs. Morse for their message to me. They are a very fine couple.

I hope Isobel's housekeeping caused no casultee in the Todd family. We all like to tease her but I bet she made good.

The honey has not yet arrived but I am eagerly awaiting it as you may guess. I bet it is tres bon, Blake, Lee and Blindell will certainly be glad to receive the ones You sent them when I was in France. I am not sure if you are refering to those parcels or not.

Aunt Bella wrote me yesterday asking for Blake's address as she wanted to send him some "shortie" for Xmas. I sent the address and say Blake will be tickled to death with it. It was very kind of Aunt Bella to think of him but of course that is just like her.

I hope to hear of the first steps which you have taken toward acquiring an Aviary by your next letter. If you want a canary or parrot I will be very much displeased if you don't get one. I will never forget the pleasure I got out of the canary I had in Chicago. They always liven up the house. So please let me know how your aviary is progressing.

Aunt Janet is still undergoing electric treatment and my best wishes for a complete and quick recovery are with her. The girls are managing to home beautifully.
All is well at Glasgow. George, in France, and Gordon, in Egypt are all O.K.
Aunt Bella is housebound by the weather, I am sorry she has such poor health.
The folks at Southampton and Liverpool are all O.K.

The weather remains beautiful. I had two old ladies visiting me this P.M. I was out walking in the grounds when one of the boys called me in to see them. They had asked for me. After a long talk they left after giving me copies of the Halifax Chronicle- the funny pages from the Montreal Star and a copy of the tit Bits. My paper is finished so I will close- Keep smiling

Your loving son Rory

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