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Date: February 11th 1917
Roderick Anderson Todd

Feb 11, 1917

Dear Mother,

No letters from you for some time. I'll probably get a bunch of them next mail.

There has been no special excitement here lately. The weather is splendid- cold and clear- with bright sunny days and moonlit nights. However, it is warming up today and I guess that we will even be having a thaw.

I was talking to a lad who came to our unit from Vernon. He knows Bill Schyelderyk and his wife well. We had a great talk together on various subjects. The primitive stove which I got with Uncle Jack's present has arrived and it works spendidly. It certainly is a great convenience. Got a letter and a parcel from Cousin Aggy in Liverpool several days ago. She certainly puts up a splendid parcel. I am going to find a good husband for her apres le guerre.

Blake is now over the measles but not yet able to return to the unit. We hope to see him again soon though. Blendel and Lee still look well and send their best regards to you. We have the use of a piano at present and it certainly is a boom to us. Several of the boys are good pianists and all can sing well.

I havent heard any news from Elsie lately. How is the baby getting along? glad to hear that Ian is still holding down his job. Hope it lasts all summer. Well, I think my news is about exhausted. Regards to all. I will write an answer to your letter when I receive it.

Am feeling fine.

Your loving son,


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