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Date: December 12th 1917
Roderick Anderson Todd

Ward 3
No. 2 Military Hospital
Exeter - Devon


Dear Mother-,

As you can see I am still at the old stand and coming along like a house on fire. The wound keeps beautifu? Clean, tanks to frequent washings of the mouth - (8 times a day - before and after each meal - of which we have 4) it is also healing well - the face mark is completely healed. I am going to have a photo of myself taken soon to show you how I look - you wont notice any difference. My face is a little stiff - all wounds cause stiffness at first but massage and electrical "beauty" treatment are rapidly riding me of this stiffness. A very nice lady chucks me under the chair daily and calls it massage - I call it fine. Then she gives me beauty treatment with an electric vibrator. I am getting to be a very handsome youth and think that I will require a chaperon in this "Adamless Eden."

Yesterday was a day of great events. They took away my beef tea and custard pudding and gave me mince, mashed potatoes, turnips and rice pudding for dinner. Say - I thought that I had been suddenly transferred to heaven, and nearly wept with joy. Then in the afternoon they presented me with a pass from 12 to 4 daily to walk around town. I went out and had a glorious time wandering thru the streits, peering into stores, and admiring the pretty girls. They certainly looked good compared with the French woman.

This afternoon I was out again and repeated my walk. The weather was bright and sunny and I felt great. I have lost all my bed weakness and can travel as fast as any of them now. It certainly feels good be out and the town is very quaint I have not commenced to explore its scenic points as yet but will commence very soon. I am perfectly content now to be out on the move after being cooped up for nearly 4 weeks.

I have only had one bunch of mail from France so far. The unit must be on the move. Consequently I have had no news as to Lee - or his address. You will in all probability, hear from him before I do.

I recieved the money order yesterday for which many thanks. I can now square up with Lee and have a clean conscience again. I hope I did not exhaust the family exchequer by asking for it.

I have just received a letter from Paul King who is over here training for the R.F.C. He is O.K. but worried as to how his old pals Todd and Lee are making our. Incidentally he gives me Lees address - in Blighty - I am glad to say - It is

Pte. A.W. Lee No. 524733
No. 11 Ward
Bath War Hospital

I will write him tomorrow, the old stiff. I carried stretchers with both he and Paul on the gang and now we are all in Blighty. The only remaining one of the squad, a Nanaimo Lad is still in France. He must be lonely It is the war, as the French say.

I got a letter and parcel from Dundel yesterday including cake, dates, and nuts. I couldn't touch the nuts, but with the help of the other boys and lots of milk we consumed the whole bunch. It was very kind of them. The letter reported all much as usual, Aunt Janet is still in the Infirmary. I hope she improves greatly under the treatment.

I received a letter from Uncle Willie today, enclosing your letter of Oct. 20. All was well at home but Miss Hutcheson was very low. All was being done for here that was possible - her son and daughters were present. I hope she comes thru this all right but old age is against her. Uncle Willie will probably write you from Greenock soon and give you more detailed news. The weather there had been very fine - clear and sunny. The letter was written on the 9th of Dec.

No new news from Glasgow or Southampton and Liverpool. I am afraid it is my fault, as I have only written them once since arriving as you know, and have not answered many of them yet.

After reading your letter to Uncle Willy thru I have some comments to make on it, which I will make here. It was very kind of Uncle to forward it to me, as it is the 2nd letter of yours that I have seen for over a month. Until the unit gets settled I don't expect to receive regular mail and then will get a bunch.

I am glad to hear that you had such fine weather in Victoria in October We are having fine weather here now and I hope it continues. I received a photo from Dorothy in her last letter showing herself, Mary, Bill Craft Isobel and another girl on Cedar Hill. It certainly looked good to me. I showed it to some of the boys here and they figured that Canadian girls must be pretty fine stuff.

The new Unitarian preacher and his wife seem to suit your taste. I hope you have many good times with them. I am glad that Isobel's ?eekeeping was successful, and would have liked to have been there to see the fun. The putting off of her Chicago trip till a latter date is a very good idea considering how conditions are, and we may be able to give her a better chance latter. Good for Isobel.

Well, I think I had better close as bed time is near. This will reach you about New Year - so happy New Year to all and many of them. Give my greetings to Aunt Nancy, ?, Mr. and Mrs. Russell and any others you may see. Goodnight

Your loving son -

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