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Date: May 12th 1945
Mother and Father
Joseph Moore

R-208467 L.A.C. MOORE, J.L.
#436 SQDN., R.C.A.F.
May 12/45

Dear Mom and Dad,

Many thanks for your most welcome letter. I also got one from Margaret today. I'm so glad the photo reached you safely. You say I am looking well, but I was just about done in from the heat, and that was the only good tunic I had. When I went into photographer's to make an appointment, I found he wasn't busy right then, but he asked me if I could come back some other time when I was dressed up and a little more presentable. I had just come from the barber, too. I was too amused to feel personally affronted. I told him I had just come out of Burma and that was the best I could do. Three prints cost me 15 Rupees ($5.00). Marg liked hers very much, but Jim said I looked more like a wild Indian every day, so I wrote him and told him that was because I live like one, which is no baloney. Say, how about some snaps of you two, and Gwen too, if possible? Is she with you yet? I don't remember sending Betty Clark a card but I am sure I thanked the Clarks for those cigarettes however, but I forget whether it was by letter or by card. I am sorry to hear about George Montgomery. He was a fine chap. We were in the same class at St. Giles'. Too bad about Harv. Murray. Hope he is recovering. I'm sorry I can't attend Gwen's party too, but not half so much as Jim is, I guess. Don't count too much on "Marg & I". After all, we barely know each other. A few months in England would settle it one way or the other. This romance by correspondence is not very satisfactory. You haven't a clue on wet weather till you've seen the Monsoons. Our sqdn. alone subscribed $130,000.-- to the #8 V-loan. Let me know when my 7th arrives. Hoping this finds you both well, goodnight.

Your loving son,

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Original Scans