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Date: May 31st 1945
Mother and Father
Joseph Moore

R-208467 L.A.C. MOORE, J.L..
#436 (R.C.A.F.) SQDN.
May 31/45

Hello Mom & Dad,

Just received your letter of May 22. Many thanks. I hope everything is okay at home. Things are not good here but we try not to get in a rut. I have been lucky in the mail lineup the past few days. I have ten letters I my case to keep me busy in all my spare moments for some time now. A letter from Lillian was a pleasant surprise tonight. The other day I got a book from St. Giles, "Sick Heart River" by John Buchan. I haven't had a chance to start it yet. I also got a nice box from Aunties B & E. I'm very glad to hear that Jim is going home at last, although apart from the fact that he's been away from home, I think he's had a pretty soft time of it. I had a letter from him saying he was reporting to Warrington, I guess you know where that is, and that he'd written Marg. and was going to meet her. She mentioned this in her last, also. You mention something about me having been here six months now. I don't understand you. I now have 9 months of my overseas time (3 years) behind me now. I don't know where it'll be after Burma. I'm enclosing a couple of clippings I ran across in "Wings Abroad", an English publication for Canadians.

I never mention my health because one day you're up and the next day you're down, out here, so if I happened to be sick on the day I wrote you, and told you about it, I'd probably be A-1 by the time you got the letter and you shouldn't worry. By the way we signed up for the duration of the war plus one year and for anywhere in the world, not for the duration plus 6 months as you thought, and anyway who said the war was over?

You mentioned going to Westdale and you have been to Aunt Rita's lately too, I suppose. Now, I've asked you several times in the past to please take note of the address of the Club I used to go to, because I'd like to let Al know how I'm doing, but you never seem to answer my questions or do little things I have asked. If you haven't time or find it impossible, please say so, don't just ignore me. I wonder for a while and then forget about it, when we become busy. That doesn't sound so good about the factories laying off and cutting wages. I have been inquiring about the permanent force in case civilian life doesn't appeal to me anymore.

I was up on a test flight the other day and I think that it is the only way to get cool in this horrible climate. That was the first time I ever got a thrill out of flying, too. We went down to a level of 50 feet over the beach & the breakers and flew 2 miles at 160 m.p.h. It was almost like being on a train. I used to think the old motorcycle was more fun than flying. I hope we fly home when the time comes. I don't think I could stand two months aboard ship. Well, I'd better close now & turn in because my eyes are gumming up in this lamplight, so I'll say goodnight to you both and give my regards to Gwen.


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