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Date: September 15th 1945
Mother and Father
Joseph Moore

R-208467 L.A.C. MOORE, J.L.
#3 (R.C.A.F.) P.R.C.

Sept. 15/45

Dear Mom & Dad,

I hope this finds everyone well there. I am okay except for being fatigued from the trip and feeling somewhat colder that I was last week. I hope you got my wire, which I sent as soon as I could. While coming through Karachi, I picked up your letter of Aug. 16, 21, and 22nd. Many thanks for the wedding photo and and the Band-aids. I just happened to need one at the time, too, for I to buy some boots at Chittagong on the way back, and one pinched a little. Also at Karachi I picked up a letter from Margaret and the August Reader's Digest from Aunts B. & E. all of which took the boredom out of flying for a good many hours. From Ramrie island to Down-Ampney took 57 flying hours spread over 7 days. I'll write more about that later. Thanks for getting Jim a gift from me. I was sitting on the docks at Rangoon on the night of Aug. 15 watching all the ships shooting flares & rockets and blowing their whistles. Thanks for the news of Cliff. Glad to hear gas rationing is lifted. So I'm an uncle now, eh? That's wonderful. I hope Jim has his discharge by now. I received Jim's letter and the baby's card. It's very nice. Are they going to call her Pat? I'll write Jim at noon today if I get a chance. They're pushing us around quite a bit here. I don't know whether I'll get leave or not. There is some talk of being rushed right through, but I hope to get a chance to stay here for six months, at least. I wired Aunt Molly & Margaret when I landed. I'll have to go now. I'll write when I get a chance. So long for now. -


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