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Date: December 3rd 1943
Mother and Father
Joseph Moore

Alliford Bay
Dec. 3, 1943

Dear Mom and Dad --

Thanks for the swell box. It is going to be hard to keep out of the presents until Christmas. It must have come in yesterday, but I was not down to the Post Office, and no plane came in today. It might have come in while I was out on a test flight on a Catalina flying boat. Anyway, it was a fast trip for a parcel.

Yesterday I was up for the first time in my life. I was a little sick but I did not stay that way for long. We took off at 11.10 in the channel and flew east to the straits. We circled over Sandspit and headed back over the station and out over the logging camps. It was wonderful, and would have been wonderful to photograph. I was in the starboard gunner's blister, one of the riggers rode in the port side. When we got out over the ocean, I had to go up in the flight engineer's compartment and he let me check instruments and instructed me as to what I would have to do, should I have to go up as flight engineer sometime. We came down about 12.15. You would be surprised at the bumps that are in the clouds. In one spot we were thrown around quite a bit. I am looking forward to my next flip.

This morning I was up before the Trade Board. I was lucky to get recommended for it, being here hardly two months. The results should come out in about a month, I think. However, I shall write and let you know how it panned out. If I get my "C" group, it will mean $1.65 a day.

Today being my day off I did my washing this afternoon. While it was drying I went down to the workshops and made a pretty good signet ring from a cadmium-plated brass nut. Jewelry from plexi-glass, ammunition, and odd bits of metal is being made all the time by the boys up here. If I ever turn out anything good, I will send it home.

Well, I guess I had better go and pick up my washing before someone else does. There is a dance over at Charlotte City, but it is raining too hard, so I am going to watch the boxing tournament being held at the Rec. hall tonight.

By the way, did I ever tell you I had a moustache. It is real blonde and looks pretty good. It is quite a style up here. You should see some of them. One chap has a big red handlebar moustache. I hear my chum calling me, -- So long for now --


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