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Date: March 12th 1918

March 12th

My Dear Mother:

This army life is a series of changes - mostly unexpected. Today the greater part of the Regina boys who were left in the M.G. squad were transferred to the 19th company. To explain more fully, I will give you a few details. You know that the Canadians have four divisions serving in France. The Fifth Division were already organized and stationed at Witley here in England but had never been sent across. To the Fifth were attached three M.G. companies, No. 17, 18 and 19. About a month ago the Fifth division were disbanded and the various units sent to other camps in England; the three M.G. Co's coming here and being absorbed into the Depot. Some were placed at once in the Draft Company and a number have already gone across the channel . Now for some reasons - the 17th, 18th and 19th Co's are being re-organized and to fill up and take the place of those who have gone to France a number of men were taken from No.1 Co., our late squad. As soon as we heard this was going to transpire we from Regina all asked to be put into the 19th. Co. as in that company were a number of Regina fellows who came over with the 195th. Batt. about a year and [a] half ago. Now the great question is what is going to happen next. I think, myself, we will go across very soon. Our training is practically over and our time is put in mostly by killing time. We spent this afternoon in moving across to the new hut. I am glad that Reid and I are still together.

The Depot is filled with men now. A large number cannot find room in huts and have been placed in huts for a time. The weather is certainly ideal. The day, today, was just like a June day at home - warm, sunshiny and cheery. The weather is affecting me and making me lazy. They wanted me to go down town tonight but I was too indifferent to stir that far.

I received the package of papers you sent me, also two magazines from Nellie. Nellie's friend, Miss McCaig, also wrote me a letter which I must answer soon. The parcels you mentioned have not arrived yet - altho' some of this mail's parcels started to come in today. There is a signaller by the name of Cousins in No. 4 Co. so be very careful when writing to me to put my number and full name on very plainly. A lot of mail addressed to him comes to me. I have never met him but I think he is an American from Pittsburgh. I also met another fellow of the same name in one of the Military Reporting stations in London. He was from Manitoba.

I am still doing a little running and generally go out each afternoon. Yesterday we had an afternoon off to play basketball and managed to gain our revenge in the 1st Reserve by trimming them 29-18. They didn't expect it and hadn't their strongest team on the floor.

I haven't much more to tell you. We are all hoping to get a Draft Leave in a short time. I sent you another Machine Gunner and have a copy of Canada in Khaki which I may send home.

Aunt Lizzie has a snapshot album of mine which you might get. You had better write to her and ask for it and I will mention it also when I write to her again.

I think that will be all for now. I will send you my new address in my next letter.

Yours, Frank

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