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Date: March 12th 1918

March 12th

My Dear Nellie:-

Since returning from London I have received two of you letters and also the magazines, Life and the Digest, all of which were interesting and make good reading. I think I wrote you from London. I certainly had a fine trip and enjoyed the two days thoroughly. On Thursday night I saw the real air-raid, quite a serious one. A bunch of us stood out in front of Westminster Cathedral during the entire performance. I think I described it in my letter to mother which you will probably see later.

Here we are being juggled about. No. 1 Co. is no more. Practically all the Regina boys are in No. 19 Co. which until a month ago was part of the Fifth Division. When the Fifth was broken up the M. G. Co's were sent here to Seaford, broken up and taken into the Depot. Now they have been re-organized and I think 17, 18 and 19 Co's are going to France in a short time as the 1st Motor M. G. Brigade. We arranged to keep the Regina lads together hence we were all transferred to No. 19 Co. In which are quite a few fellows from Regina who came across with the 195th Battn. nearly two years ago. Today was spent in moving our earthly goods to the new lines. Two of the Regina fellows went into No. 5 Co. from which drafts to France are chosen. They will likely go across in a few weeks.

The weather is glorious, warm & bright. The nice weather makes me lazy altho' I confess I always had a tendency in that direction at all times & in all seasons. I am still doing a little running and go out for a jog each afternoon. I may go to Bramshott as spare with the M. G. team next week in the race for the Can. Championships. Tomorrow I miss parades all day for an Area race and on Saturday the elimination race is run and if I can get in among the first twelve I go to Bramshott. I will try hard at any rate. We play basket-ball occasionally. Yesterday we beat the First Reserve and avenged a previous trimming they handed us a short time ago.

Tell Miss McCaig I received her letter and will try to compose a fitting reply when my poetic instincts respond sufficiently. I think Friday night after the famous fish dinner will be the time. I hope you're not working too hard. Those banquets & dances you mention sound good. MacCormac & I are just going over to one of the Rec. Huts to try to satisfy our hunger. So bye-bye.

Yours Frank.

#2233344 F. C. Cousins
No. 1 Co., C. M. G. D.,

(over) I will send you my new address next time. Be very careful to address my mail & parcels as there is another Cousins in the Depot and I am afraid he gets some of my mail.

Yours Frank.

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