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Date: December 29th 1945
Mother and Father
Joseph Moore

R-208467 L.A.C. MOORE, J.L.
4436 S.E.
R.C.A.F. STN.,
Dec. 29/45

Dear Mom & Dad,

Once again I ask you to forgive me for not writing as often as I should. I hope you got my last letter from Burtonwood near Warrington. I finished up there last Friday night and travelled from 6 PM until 11 AM Saturday morning to get back here. I fairly flew around the camp getting paid, getting a pass and ration card, a shower, shave, clean clothes. I managed to get away at 4 oclock and arrived at Auntie's at seven on Sunday morning. I learned from the neighbors that she was in Bolton so by means of three different buses I got over there to Joyce's for dinner. Aunt Molly's sister, Ethel, was there too. I stayed there Sunday night and on Monday we all went to Earnshaw Bridge near Leyland, to Dobson's, friends of Joyce's. They are a young couple with a baby girl. We spent a very nice Christmas there. Seeing their baby made me wonder what Frankie was like. I left them on Wednesday morning and spent Wednesday afternoon and evening at Mary Weston's place in L'pool. She's the girl I was chumming around with nearly all the time I was at West Kirby. I arrived back here Thursday noon feeling very much worn out but happier than I have been for a long time. Thanks for the swell box with the pyjamas in it. It came yesterday. Thanks too, for the lovely card. Did you get mine? I hope you had a nice Christmas. I may be home next time. I wonder if you could send me a whole bunch of postcards with views of all parts of Hamilton. I'd like snaps of you folks & the house too. They are better than letters. Give my regards to Ray & Margaret. Aunt Molly sends her love to all over there. I show her your letters when I go up there. `Bye for now. Your loving son,

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