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Date: January 23rd 1916

January 23

Woke up the next morning to find the ship rolling slightly and quite a bunch of boys seasick - breakfast at 7 - had an appetite like a horse. Didn't have any form of church worship but hung around the deck nearly all day, watching some of the fellow feed the fish. Turned in at nine Thirty.

Monday morning found this tube rolling like a raft. The wind is pretty well after us and we should be making pretty good headway. The crew seems to think we will reach Plymouth about Sunday morning. Had an hour's physical on deck, found it difficult to keep our footing. Some good hot soup for dinner today, made a good meal of it. Another hour's physical this afternoon and now we are through for the day. Supper served at 5:15 - then I hit the bed at 7:30 - read a magazine for an hour or so, then slept till morning.

Reveille at 6 a.m., breakfast at 7, life-belt drill for an hour, allotted to our boats, ours being No. 16. Am now ready for dinner. Had a good pull at tug-of-war this afternoon and found No. 2 to be the strongest troop in the squadron. Passed a big freighter this evening bound for Canada. Had a concert in the smoking room this evening. The weather has been nice and warm ever since leaving Halifax.