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Date: January 31st 1916

11 a.m. 551359

3rd Division Cavalry

Shorncliffe Kent. England

January 31 - 16

My dear Sweetheart.

We arrived here last night midnight making almost a record trip being less than thirteen days on the road. England is a grand old place but it seems to me to be a few hundred years behind the times, that is, clear of their navy and army.

I keep wondering where you are - will still send your letters to Regina until I hear from you. I keep sort of a history of our trip and will send it along. It is worded very poorly and I am sure won't sound as interesting as the trip. I wish I was with you to tell you about it.

I saw Charlie in Halifax - he doesn't look a day older than when I saw him last. I am on mess orderly today and won't have time to write much.
Say Es you should see an old country train. The engines are just like threshing machines and the cars put me in mind of thos old democrats we used to drive down home.

On the way down last night one of the soldiers lost his hat - he then pulled the bell rope and stopped the train and I'll be hanged if he didn't get off and run about a half mile back and get his hat, and the train waited for him all the time and they let him off scot free.

We left Plymouth at 1:30 p.m. yesterday and didn't get down here till midnight. We had to go away up through London on account of it being Sunday and one railroad was closed down. We had a good trip all the way. I wasn't the least bit seasick. Some of the boys were sick all the way over.
Well dearest how goes it with you. Hope you happy and healthy and that you are going to have no family till after the war. Now sweetheart I will say goodbye. Hope you got the letter I sent from Halifax. Lots of love.

Expect a letter from you soon.

Yours loving hubby