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Date: January 21st 1916

Jan 21st

Dear Es:

Writing with the train in motion is about all I can manage. We are nearing Rimouski now. We have to come up around here to keep out of the State of Main or Uncle Sam would intern us. We are sailing on the best ship the CPR has got, the (Missinabie) so should make the trip in good time. They say we won't have any time in Halifax but just go aboard the boat and beat it, so I won't have much time with Chas. I am sending him a telegram from Rimouski saying I will be in Halifax tomorrow morning so I will expect him to meet me at the station.

We are just pulling into the station - there are a lot of Frenchmen around. Will address the envelope while the train is stopped. I think the 13th CMR are on the train ahead of us. I think the old 10th will go back to Sewell. I am glad I am out of them. I am mess orderly today. The railroad mess does all the cooking - just have to dish it out. If we get fed as well on the boat as on the train we won't kick. I am wondering now whether you are at home or in Regina. I hope it is a wee bit rough on the way over. Would like to know if I would get seasick now.

It is nice and warm down here now, nice to get my head out of the window and get a whiff of fresh air. I forgot to tell you we are travelling on a special troop train. We have a bunch of Strathcona H., some motor transport and some engineers.

We are just pulling out again - the Frenchmen are giving us a great send off.

Well sweetheart you can write to me as soon as you like now. This is my address at present. If we go to some other place our mail will be sent along.

3rd Divisional Cavalry
Shorncliffe, Kent

It would be well to put your name and address on the back so it would come back if it went astray - be sure you put regimental number. Will close with lots of love x x x x Ira