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Date: May 24th 1918


May 24th, 18

Dear Mother,

I had a letter from you this morning dated April 12th and mentioning cabout going to the coast. Well I had a letter from Syd and he is of the same opinion, that it would be the most sensible thing you could do under the circumstances.

We just came out of the trenches last night and I have a lot of mail to answer. You will have to excuse the pencil because I am unable to get any ink for my pen.

I suppose you will not be going to the coast until Phil finishes his term of school on the 1st of July.

I have not seen Frank yet but expect to do so any day as he will find out where I am.

So Dad wrote and told you that he would not be home until the end of the war eh? Well, he is not far out in fact. I doubt if any of us will be.

I am glad you had a line from Mrs. Thornbury. She always gives a royal welcome when any of us happen to turn up. I must write to her myself.

We are having the best weather just now so things are pretty good.

I have not had my parcel yet but I expect it is down the line yet. Things are pretty slow in coming through just now. Everything is so busy.

Well dear, love to all.