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Date: September 8th 1918

Hut 6, A Division

Epsom, Surrey

Sept 8th 18

Dear Mother,

Got one of your letters this morning which had been forwarded to Mrs. Row. They are away on their holidays just now to Land's End. I have just had a letter from Mrs. Row, she says it is fine, regular wild and woolly.

I am expecting to be going on my leave in about two weeks. I think I shall go to Ireland as my chum is going out of here before me.

I have just had a letter from Sydney. He has been visiting a few old acquaintances around Shorncliffe, where he is taking his course. There is one of our old sergeant majors down there and Syd has got into his class so he is lucky.

I guess you may as well start sending my letters to the 11th Reserve Battalion again as I shall be there by the time you get this letter.

#71513 Pte. J. Row
No. 1 Coy 11th Reserve Battalion'
Seaford, Sussex

I expect to be there all winter unless I go on a course.

We have been having quite a lot of rain the last few days but it clears up toward the end of the month. Things are pretty slow here and I hardly ever go out of camp. England is almost as monotonous as France now.

So Hughie Barker has a leaky heart eh? I thought there was something the matter with him. I suppose his mother is tickled to death. So you think Maud Barker is the best of the bunch eh? Well you always did seem rather fond of her. When will Bertie have to go into the army?

I am not surprised at Dad being contented. He gets lots of sleep and is in with a good bunch with very little discipline. I suppose he is still with the water supply and can buy an occasional bottle of wine. Smokes are cheap.

Love to all,