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Date: June 20th 1917

7 Coy. 1st C.C.P.

St. Leonards-on-Sea

June 20th 17

Dear Mother,

Received your welcome letter of May 16th. I have not heard from the front for a week or two but I suppose they are all right.

I am afraid my letters are very dull and uninteresting but I am settled down in this town now and so the novelty has kind of worn off.

I am on a permanent fatigue at the station at Hastings now and go to work at eight every morning with the rest of the gang. We have an hour for dinner and then work till four. In the evening we go to the picture show or walk around the promenade.

You asked me in one of your letters who Florence Row was. Florence Row is P. Row's wife. They have one little girl about 11 years named Peggy Row.

I am glad to hear Bessie is getting on well at college. Don't you worry about using that assignment pay as far as I am concerned. It's nonsense to talk about working. You have done your share of work and as long as we are all O.K. and getting our army pay there is no need for you to work. Bessie ought to be able to take a job. If Frank made no assignment he can only draw 50% of his pay as long as he is pay as long as he is overseas. That includes both England and France so he should have a pretty good stake if he comes thro' O.K. Did Dad make any assignment out of his pay or do you just get the $20 separation allowance? What does your rent cost you now?

What unit is Evert Govier in? Always be sure and find out the units of any of the boys that are over here. It's no use telling me that so and so is in Hastings if you don't tell me what depot and coy he is in.

I had a letteer from Mrs. Row wanting to know if I could get a weekend as she is having a party on the 23rd but I shall have to send my regrets as weekends are cut out.

Well dear cheer up and don't worry as we will come out all right.

Give my love to all the people.

How is Philip getting on?