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Date: September 9th 1916


Sept 9th 16

Dear Mother:-

Received your very welcome parcel, also Sydney's. They were both very appreciated, especially the tobacco & cake as we cannot buy anything where we are now.

I opened Syd's parcel and divided it up as he expects to be back and it is impossible to carry anything when on the move.

I had a letter from Syd tonight which I am forwarding to you. I had a very well written letter from Bessie which I answered immediately.

The cigars arrived O.K. in the parcel.

I don't know where Dad is now but I expect he is O.K. I wrote him a letter a few days ago but have received no answer yet.

I was talking to Ab Hamell and Bert Guerin last night and they said Len Owen is still in England and has a good job.

I have just received your letter of the 17th of Aug. Don't worry about the Jack Canucks; we get quite a few of them now.

Tell Uncle Fred those Ben Bey cigars were sure a treat after the ones we buy here. Syd won't get his parcel but then he will get all kinds of nice things in hospital.

Saw Jimmy Playfair last night. He has just been down to the base for a couple of weeks and is as fat as a pig.

Red Douglas is still with the company and hanging onto his job as company clerk. Red McMurphy is still away with that scratch he got.

The weather is inclined to be cloudy but we have had very little rain. We are getting all kinds of grub and everything is going on quite smoothly.

Got my weekly letter from Mrs. Row yesterday. They seem to be leading the same placid existence.

Well dear all kinds of love to everybody and a chunk for yourself.