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Date: September 13th 1916


Sept 13th 16

Dear Mother:-

Just received your very welcome letter of Aug 21st saying that Syd was wounded. In reference to getting leave and taking his parcel to him, I might say that the only way you can get to Boulogne these days is to get wounded so I don't expect to see Syd till he comes back to the battalion.

I saw him when we went into the trenches and about six days afterward he was wounded. A piece off a trench mortar bomb caught him under the armpit. Two or three other boys got wounded by the same bomb.

Just been talking to Spencer Pidcock. He has been out here some time with the Army Service Corps but has transferred to the infantry.

Was over to the 28th to see Johnny McIntosh. He was boxing with one of the scouts. He knocked the scout out in the third round and won the prize of 20 francs. He told me that was the second prize he had won this week.

I met old Jim Armstrong's son, Bob, who is in the same battalion as Tom Carter and he told me Harry Garland has just been wounded. Some of the fellows are sure lucky, second trip in and get a nice little wound. Quite well, thanks, for a couple of months anyhow.

I have not heard from Dad lately but I guess he will be O.K. Syd wrote me and says he expects to be back any day as he was marked active.

Well dear love to all.