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Date: October 24th 1916


St. Albans


Dear Mother:-

Rec'd your very welcome letter last night enclosing one from aunt Lucy announcing that wonderful. I got one from Syd also which I will enclose.

Ben Row was down to see me. His pen name is Prescott Row. I've had no word from Arthur yet. I wish you would send me a couple of five spots as they have taken my pay book and I can draw no money until till I am better. I am expecting to go to Canadian Convalescent any day.

We are having pretty decent weather just now although it has been kind of cold lately.

A lot of the old boys have been knocked out lately. There are two fellows out of my company just come in.

How are the Baynham boys getting along? Where does Art and his wife live?

I go into St. Albans nearly every day. It is quite a historical place. Ben Row sent me a book on it. He publishes books on all these old places.

Well dear I've got to go and get my arm dressed now. Remember me to everyone.

Love to all,