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Date: September 3rd 1915

Otterpool Camp

Westenhangar, Kent

Sept 3rd '15

Dear Aunt:-

As I have not written to you since coming to England I thought it was about time that I did. We are having a spell of wet weather so there is not much doing around camp just now.

I have written to Mother nearly every week just to let her know how things were going on but I'm afraid I have neglected a lot of people. I suppose you will have read most of the news from my letters to Grandad. Mother has always forwarded your letters on to me and Syd always passes on his letters so we forget who we have written to and who we have not.

Things are pretty slow in camp and it is too far to go downtown because of such poor train facilities. About the only place I go is the YMCA or church club tent. They are both very good places- piano, canteen, reading & writing material but on these wet afternoons & evenings they are crowded out. For the last two or three weeks we have been skirmishing so we have not been in camp so much. We have not done much since we finished the manoeuvre except for an inspection by the king & Kitchener yesterday. (Of course we got wet).

We had our identification tags served out today and have been told what part of our kit to pack for the front, so we expect by the time you get this we will be in France.

I had my 6 day pass in last Sunday but it was stopped. I am trying to get it this weekend however as I should like to see some of our kinspeople around London before going away.

We have all had letters from Prescott Row, Granpa Row's brother, inviting us up. He is a publisher and editor. We have also had a letter from a first cousin of yours. She wrote so old-fashioned that neither Dad nor I could make out all of the letter.

Be sure and put my full address after this with the regimental no. 71513 Pte J. Row, B Co, 27th Battalion, 2nd Canadian Division, Military P.O., London. That will reach me wherever I am.

Well dear Aunt, we are all feeling fine and feel ready for the job ahead of us and it rests with fate whether we come through or not. Love to all from all.

Your loving nephew.

Jack Row