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Date: November 7th 1915


Sunday Nov 7th 15

Dear Mother:-

Well another Sunday has rolled around and nothing much to talk about. I received a letter from you dated Oct 10th. I guess you must have gotten mixed up as the letter was addressed to me but written to Syd but I shall forward it to him.

I have had no letters from him yet but we had an officer of the 27th come down to change places with the officer that we had and he told us that the battalion had suffered comparatively few casualties so I guess the boys are all right or I would have heard. I don't think the transport have any casualties.

We have taken up good winter quarters in a good sized town. We have a good brick barn, dry and windproof, so we are quite comfortable. At present we are getting about an even share of wet and dry weather. The last couple of days have been perfect weather, clear and sunny.

I have had no letter from Dad yet so I guess he is keeping up his reputation.

Oh, by the way I have an invitation from the Whitewood Quadrille Club to a dance to be held in my honor etc., on Fri 7th Sept. On the back of the invitation was a list of the Whitewood who had enlisted, 64 in all. By the way, what became of Howard Hennessy?

Among the list are:- Dr. Smith Stoddard and son, H. & E. Gillis, George Reade, Johnny MacIntosh, Tom Carter, Danny McPhail, Fred Shepherd, Bob Stanley, Len Owen, Young Emigh, Tommy Temple, Ally James, Ab Hamell and Bert Pellett.

Well dear it's time to go to bed so good night with love to everyone.