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Date: April 9th 1916
Balliol Boys Club

April 9th 1916
Letter from Jack Cowles to the Club

I am getting on pretty good. You will no doubt know where our bunch are in Flanders. I heard from Mr Secretan about Mr Rae, Mr Reiss and Mr Poulton, it is a great loss to the Club. We have had a pretty rough time lately, for we have been on a pretty quiet front ever since we came out here, and were moved a little while ago to a pretty "hot shop"! My brother Reg is in the Worcester Regiment and still in England I would very much like to see you but I guess I shall never be down that way for while yet! I have been in this country for about seven months now and have still got a whole skin! I suppose I should think myself rather lucky. I saw George Honey once since I have been out here, you will know him, an old Club member. I am expecting to go on leave soon, in about three weeks with luck! I am glad you sent me Mr Colliers address because I lost it a long time ago and have not been able to get it since. I wish this war was over and we could have some of the old times over again. Well I guess I will close now hoping to hear from you again soon. Good bye and good luck

Yours sincerely Jack Cowles