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Date: February 1919

Feb 1 - Returned from Hoei and hung around all day

Feb 2 - played auction bridge and sol for penny a point

Feb 3 - Big parade at Liege no mail played sol

Feb 4 - Went to Hoei with another horse

Feb 5 - Returned to Burdinne from Hoei bunch returned from Liege

Feb 6 - still at Burdinne, no doing, no mail

Feb 7 - played poker and won 20 francs.

Feb 8 - Went to Hoei and turned over the guns

Feb 9 - got a letter from Florence with $20

Feb 10 - Got payed and a letter from GLF went to Huy with harness

Feb 11 - Got two letters from GLF and one from Rose

Feb 12 - wrote GLF and played poker and 500, Got payed 20 francs

Feb 13 - played poker lost 10 francs Got letter from GLF

Feb 14 - letter from GLF, went to concert at YMCA

Feb 15 - no mail concert at YMCA played show down

Feb 16 - played show down and five-hundred

Feb 17 - Went to dance and concert at Estaminet and had a supper at a house for a sweater

Feb 18 - Went to Liege with 48 horses on picquet lost 2 horses no mail

Feb 19 - Got a new coat, no mail went to dance at Accorse 1 kilo from Burdinne

Feb 20 - Band concert at Burdinne hall by machine gunners band from Hoei, was present

Feb 21 - No mail rained all day, branded horses at night.

Feb 22 - Hoses left at 7.30 am last of our horses, a few mules left for D.A.C New tunics and putties, hat.

Feb 23 - mules gone to La Harve for sail

Feb 24 - Route march returned at noon, open air concert movies at night

Feb 25 - Received a letter from GLF, by Canadian mail in no doing at night

Feb 26 - Wrote GLF and played poker, no more indoor concerts on account of the Flue

Feb 27 - Went out on route march no else during day, played ball.

Feb 28 - played indoor baseball all day. Got payed at 2.30pm went to bed at 7.30