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Date: August 1916

Friday, August 18th, 1916

Camp Borden. Struck tents 10 am March off 2 bands & Regiments escorts 186th - 149th Train started 3.45 Pm 15 cars and caboose Tea Toronto 8 Pm Big reception Bed

Saturday, August 19th, 1916

Arrived Montreal 7 am. Breakfast meat 127th on C.P.R. March 15 minutes after on train for 5 hours & 127th dining car Madawas Rd 1 ox team

Sunday, August 20th, 1916

Beautiful scenery through rock 5 ft to 20 ft high miles of water & bush 6.30 Pm largest wireless in Canada Newcastle N.B. Grand reception Moncton N.B. 7.30 Pm

Monday, August 21st, 1916

Beautiful scenery arrived at Naval Dock pm Halifax 8 am Next train 12 noon A & C Band 1st train B . D second Boarded the White Star Steamer Olympic between 2.30 Pm & 3 Pm night in Halifax harbour

[ Battalions aboard 127th 129th 135th 137th 138th Hospital units & others about 5,840 men crew of 775 Bands in second cabin 127th, 129th, 135th Machine guns Placed on each corner of our boat manned by Battalions aboard. large gun on front & one on back manned by boats crew day & night ]

Tuesday, August 22nd, 1916

Out in midstream am 7.10 loading coal and water Just waiting. Olympic Deck 1150 ft round 4½ times 1 mile

Wednesday, August 23rd, 1916

Still loading coal Duke of Connaught inspected 135th on board at 12.10 Pm He came to Steamer on little launch Patricia 2 men sent to Halifax hospital peunoma

Thursday, August 24th, 1916

Still coaling 3 men 1.135th - 1 - 138 sent to land hospital Boat sailed 12.35 Bands playing very foggy - lifted 2.30 issued with lifebelts 3.45 Escorts 2 torpedo boats had to wear lifebelts when issued to meals & all

Friday, August 25th, 1916

7.30 Pm saw 2 whales & 8.40 Pm schooner sails very Foggy until 4.00 Pm 4.45 Pm saw another sail boat or schooner weather clear and fine 6.05 Pm another small boat 6.45 another to far away Fire call 9.20 am

Saturday, August 26th, 1916

very foggy & raining 10.35 clear saw large liner about 10 minutes after saw a small boat another whale at 1.20 a large steamer 2.15 7.15 nearly dark saw a sail boat I think Fire call 2.15 Pm

Sunday, August 27th, 1916

Louie's birthday Clock put on 45 mins I remember very clear but rolling & pitching a little. Church service at 10 am saw big liner at 11.55 & smoke of another 2.15 Fire call 2.30 we passed steamer going same way 3.15 bunch porposies 5.10 Pm wind very strong 6.50 Pm big Steamer cruiser wind very strong

Monday, August 28th, 1916

very very windy Pitching pretty good. 9.10 Fire call. 10.30 Machine gun practice. 2.50 Pm Steamer each side 1 you could just see her masts the other was a cruiser we saluted her 6.05 small sailing vessel 6.35 small sailing vessel & Steamer on the other side

Tuesday, August 29th, 1916

Hospital Ship Britannic 6 am two torpedo Destroyers our escort. South coast Ireland Passed two sailing boats. Steamer & Sail boat 8.10. Steamer & small Gunboat 10am 10.30 large liner 12.45 wind strongest yet. 12.45 Pm big liner 1.40 Sail boat 4.30 very Small Steamer. 5.15 Small Steamer 6 Pm small gunboat. 6..40 big hospital ship 4 funnels small Steamer 7.25 lighthouse on right side 7.50 another steamer another lighthouse Wales

Wednesday, August 30th, 1916

arrived at Liverpool 12.45 am lots of all kinds of boats. docks on one side & nice rows of houses on the other. 1 American boat 10.35 am. we waited for the tide. docked 11am. Debarked 2 Pm entrained 4 Pm at Liverpool Started 5.10 London North Preston Rw

Thursday, August 31st, 1916

arrived station 1.10 am. at camp 3.05 am. very fine camp name Witley camp Surrey. today is rest day nothing doing very much so late last night we had to rest