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Date: September 1916

Friday, September 1st, 1916

rest day very fine and sunshiney 7.15 Pm British Aroplane went over our camp. noon 12.05 Pm Muster Parade all we done today

Saturday, September 2nd, 1916

today 8.50 am rained nearly all night still raining fine 10.30 am rest day

Sunday, September 3rd, 1916

Morning Zepplin air raid over our camp 3.15 am. 6.30 rain. 9.30 am church service quite showery. 13 Zepplins raided near London not much damage. 1st brought to ground all crew killed

Monday, September 4th, 1916

very fine day Physical drill & Band Practice in morning & afternoon 4.15 British Areoplane Passed over our camp Sent Papers about raid Zepplin

Tuesday, September 5th, 1916

rather dull. Physical drill. inspection grand reception from Liverpool all along the line Aug 30/16

Wednesday, September 6th, 1916

received letter Bright & cool. Pay day of the band received 1st letter from Canada from aunt Annie Rolfe dated Aug 16/16 Sent Papers about raid

Thursday, September 7th, 1916

Dull & cool Physical drill & march out of band 12.45 Pm very fine now. 6.30 Pm 2 areplanes & 1 observation balloon passed over camp 473 men on first leaf party - left Pm

Friday, September 8th, 1916

Fine day roll call 6am breakfast 7am route march 9-12am Battallion & band of 16 - 8 miles afternoon feet & kit inspection Sent Papers

Saturday, September 9th, 1916

Sat fine day. Physical Drill. sent Postcards to Aunt Annie, Mother & Louie. Sent Papers also.

Sunday, September 10th, 1916

Church service. I helped the cook's in Sergts mess. rather dull day

Monday, September 11th, 1916

Dull day not worked in Sergts mess all day saw British Areplane Pass over camp 6.35 Pm

Tuesday, September 12th, 1916

Dull day. Physical drill 8am. band practice after got a pass to town from 9am until 9.30 Pm

Wednesday, September 13th, 1916

dull day played the men to physical drill & went for a march until noon 4.35 heavy shower

Thursday, September 14th, 1916

fine morning band Played to Physical drill & went for walk saw areo plane 9.15am left camp 5.10 Pm for London saw two areoplanes & 1 balloon arrived at Union Jack London 6.55 Pm

Friday, September 15th, 1916

in London very fine day such sights Queen Victoria monument & building & palace 9.40 went to Museum saw baton Earl Kitchener 1909 left Charing Cross for Sandgate 4.25 Pm arrived Sandgate 6.45

Saturday, September 16th, 1916

Seabrooke arose at 9am fine morning went to Hythe. meet engineers Reading & P. Jeacacke in the band 4 Pm meet W. Wilson 4.15 meet Dalton at Hythe very fine & sunny big red cross carnival & flag day for Canadians

Sunday, September 17th, 1916

fine day I went for a walk with L. Albery to Horn St Cheriton Church & School camp. & Folkestone Sandgate. Afternoon saw the Wilsons Mr & Mrs Jeal night to Mission Hall. after I saw Mr Clarke & Tommy home on leave

Monday, September 18th, 1916

dull & Raining saw Mrs Steadman & C. Wilson afternoon fine had a walk to folkestone 9.30am saw lots of boats of all kinds. 3 destroyers fine city nice senery on Lees

Tuesday, September 19th, 1916

dull & misty went to see Wilsons got photo saw Osborne. train left Sandgate 12.45 Pm arrived Charing Cross 4Pm had a good time seeing sights of London the great

Wednesday, September 20th, 1916

rather dull morning went to service at Westminster Abbey & after service saw nearly all kinds of monuments & lots of other things had a nice walk around. afterwards left Charing Cross at 10.35 camp 12Pm

Thursday, September 21st, 1916

first day of soldiering had three hours drill for stretcher bearing work band practice in afternoon until 4.35 we take 8 weeks of stretcherbearing work

Friday, September 22nd, 1916

very fine morning. stretcher work for 3 hours. dinner. route march about 8 miles full battalion & both bands

Saturday, September 23rd, 1916

Stretcher Class 204 6 weeks course stretcher work very fine morning 7.45 am 4th pioneers arrived in camp from Canada. N.B. & also 3 Batteries of artillery. afternoon I meat J. Hiscox's son in law of the Pioneers very lovely day

Sunday, September 24th, 1916

2 zepplins brought down near Essex reported air raid at 1.30 am 2.15am saw nothing. fine morning Church service at 9am duty band played at 6am retreat 7Pm band played up & down lines 3.30 Pm saw areplane

Monday, September 25th, 1916

very foggy 5.30 am dark played up & down lines (duty band) stretcher work 3 hours very fine weather. Sam Hughes inspected Canadian troops 3Pm Scotch Battalion from Canada 6 Pm retreat 7 Pm 107th Winnipeg

Tuesday, September 26th, 1916

1.35 am zepplin air raid had to get up. Breakfast 6.30. duty band played at 5.30 up & down lines. raining Stretcher work in Hut. fine afternoon Practice. 7Pm retreat bed

Wednesday, September 27th, 1916

5.30am revellie very dark 8.30am route march full dress. 11am areplane passed over camp Band Practice afternoon 7Pm retreat Played up & down lines

Thursday, September 28th, 1916

5.30 revellie very dark 6am breakfast 7am muster parade 9.30 x 12 stretcher bearer work afternoon band practice field kitchens arrived from Canada. retreat 7Pm played up & down lines

Friday, September 29th, 1916

5.30 revellie very dark 6.30 breakfast foggy & damp raining very hard holiday until 12 am band Practice in afternoon. tea 4Pm 7Pm retreat

Saturday, September 30th, 1916

5.30 revellie very dark. breakfast 6.30am. clean up. 2 hours stretcher bearing 9 until 11am dinner holiday in the afternoon retreat 7Pm