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Date: October 1916

Sunday, October 1st, 1916

time changed put back one hour. 7am breakfast. 9am Church parade. 12.30 dinner afternoon holiday bed. fine day

Monday, October 2nd, 1916

Air raid near London misty rain breakfast 7am Band practice all morning 1.30 raining pretty hard. kit inspection in afternoon. Tea. Bed

Tuesday, October 3rd, 1916

Zepplin brought down 20 of crew killed Dull morning. 7am breakfast 9am Stretcher work until 12.05Pm. afternoon Band practice. 5Pm tea. bed 9Pm

Wednesday, October 4th, 1916

received letter very wet Roll call 6.30 breakfast 7am 9am called out for stretcher drill but raining called off. received letter from aunt Elsie dated Sept 17 Band Practice afternoon Tea 5.30Pm

Thursday, October 5th, 1916

6.30am short route march. breakfast 7am stretcher drill until 12am. got letters fro mother & Lou answered same dated Lou 13th Sept Mother=s 17 Sept. Band practice afternoon

Friday, October 6th, 1916

revelle 6am Breakfast 7am went to Stretcher drill but it rained had a holiday in morning Band Practice in afternoon rained all day

Saturday, October 7th, 1916

revelle 6am Breakfast at 7am. fine morning went for a 15 mile route march got home 1.35Pm holiday the rest of the day we needed it

Sunday, October 8th, 1916

revelle 6am Breakfast 7am Church service 9am Dinner 12.30Pm rest Tea 5Pm went to English Mission C.O.E. Church

Monday, October 9th, 1916

revellie 6am short march. 9am Stretcher drill. Hut opposite us quarantined for measles makes 7 under. Dinner 12.30 Pm Band Practice afternoon 5Pm Supper

Tuesday, October 10th, 1916

Revellie 6am short march. 7am Breakfast Stretcher drill 3 hours afternoon band practice 3.25 inoculation. Practiced pack up your troubles in your old kit bag

Wednesday, October 11th, 1916

Breakfast 7am not much doing 48 hours rest. arm a little sore. ordely at that. got letters from Lou. Mother 2. Annie Ethel 12.30 dinner - rest. Tea 5Pm wash up

Thursday, October 12th, 1916

letter dated Sept 24/16 fine morning 7am breakfast received letter from Elsie from Canada rest all morning Dinner 12.30Pm Holiday afternoon Supper 5Pm

Friday, October 13th, 1916

fine morning 7am Breakfast Packing instruments in morning dinner 12.30Pm Still packing instruments afternoon to move some where. Supper 5Pm

Saturday, October 14th, 1916

fine morning helping in Sergts mess all day

Sunday, October 15th, 1916

fine morning helping in Sergts mess received papers from Mother

Monday, October 16th, 1916

Bramshott fine day working in Sergts mess transferred from 135th to 116th Batt tues Oct 17/16

Tuesday, October 17th, 1916

fine day Packed up from Bramshot recieved letter from Mother dated Oct 4/16. left at 11.20 Reached 1.30 rain all the way wet through

Wednesday, October 18th, 1916

fine morning revellie 6am Breakfast 7am went out all day full pack Skirmishing guard & other duties out post, etc

Thursday, October 19th, 1916

fine morning revellie 6am Breakfast 7am 9am digging trenches all day had lunch with us
Friday, October 20th, 1916

fine day revellie 6am Short drill Breakfast 7am route march 10 miles afternoon medical inspection & full kit inspection. areoplane passed over camp 4.30Pm

Saturday, October 21st, 1916

fine day revellie 6am short drill breakfast 7am Physical drill 2 hours. Cleaned Hut 12Pm dinner. Holiday afternoon

Sunday, October 22nd, 1916

Paper dated Sept 17/16 Fine morning cold revellie 6am Breakfast 7am Church Parade 9am sinner 12 am received Papers from Mabel. wrote to Mother. Lou Aunt Annie & Elsie

Monday, October 23rd, 1916

Fine morning windy revellie 6am Breakfast 7am on guard at Hut with measles first guard 8-10am B 12-2Pm 4-6.30Pm saw J. Stinchcombe 125th band

Tuesday, October 24th, 1916

fine morning guard 6 x 7am x 8 x 10am x 12 x 2Pm 4-6.30Pm received Papers from Mother and Aunt Annie letters from Canada

Wednesday, October 25th, 1916

wet morning guard 6am - 7am took mail to Ed Butler in Hospital wrote letters to Mother Aunt Annie & Harry Went on guard 4Pm 6 x 8Pm x 12 x 2am Oct 26/16

Thursday, October 26th, 1916

guard 6 x 8am fine morning Spinal Meningitis Battalion went for route march wrote to Chester Panton London. guard 12 x 2Pm 5.30 came off 6Pm

Friday, October 27th, 1916

revellie 6am raining hard nearly all night & morning. Breakfast 7am rest after guard dinner 12.30Pm received Papers from Aunt Annie dated Oct 6th and 7th

Saturday, October 28th, 1916

woolen underclothes fine morning revellie 6am breakfast 7am Muster prade 8.45am untill 10am massed band practice but we were not in it. received Parcel from Canada went to see E. Butler at hospital 11.30am saw first military funeral 3.30Pm
Sunday, October 29th, 1916

revellie 6am breakfast 7am Church service in mess room raining hard dinner 12.30Pm wrote letter to Louie Tea 5Pm

Monday, October 30th, 1916

revellie 6am raining first thing Breakfast 7am Just waiting dinner 12.30Pm afternoon Pay day received 4 Parcels of Papers from Louie very windy & rain all night first time played with band

Tuesday, October 31st, 1916

fine morning revellie 5.30am breakfast 6.30 march about 8 miles for field day review & 8 miles back saw pretty double rainbow 1st one I saw