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Date: November 1916

Wednesday, November 1st, 1916

revellie 6am breakfast 7am out with band played one march (punjab) Practised about 1 hour in morning afternoon band practice rained all afternoon

Thursday, November 2nd, 1916

revellie 6am Breakfast 7am Band practice morning afternoon practice 124th went away to Witley 2 heavy showers 2.30 orders George reduced to private

Friday, November 3rd, 1916

to Witley revellie 6am Breakfast 7am Packed up for Witley Started 1.30Pm arrived 4Pm rained all time 7 miles passed Military funeral

Saturday, November 4th, 1916

revellie 6.30 am Break 7am Prade 9am off rest of day went to Godlaming got wet through coming home got letter from Aunt Annie

Sunday, November 5th, 1916

6.30 revellie Breakfast 7am Church prade 9am wrote letter to Aunt Annie sent papers to Louie & letters to Mother & Lou rain all day

Monday, November 6th, 1916

revellie 6.30 Breakfast 7am Physical drill 9am Band Practice 11am received a letter from Annie & answered it Practice in afternoon good weather

Tuesday, November 7th, 1916

revellie 6.30 Breakfast 7am raining pretty hard morning Band Practice afternoon route march got wet coming back rained hard all night

Wednesday, November 8th, 1916

revelie 6.30 Breakfast 7.30am went on Prade but came back to practice fine morning cool. Band Practice afternoon received letters from May & Aunt Annie Papers from Mabel

Thursday, November 9th, 1916

letter from Louie Nov 8th revellie 6.30 Breakfast 7.30am Cool but fine morning Band Practice morning afternoon wrote letters to Mother. Lou & Aunt Annie $1.50cts

Friday, November 10th, 1916

revellie 6.30 Breakfast 7am Prade 9am every morning practice dull morning 100Pm route march about 13 miles to meet men from rifle ranges

Saturday, November 11th, 1916

6.30 Revellie Breakfast 7.30am 9am short Prade 10am cleaned up hut Left Milford for London 12.05Pm arrived in London 2.10Pm had a good time sleeped at Y.M.C.A.

Sunday, November 12th, 1916

up at 6.30 Breakfast 7am took a walk saw big volunteer Church Prade good bands 22nd territorials walk in afternoon 5.25 for Witley got in about 7Pm

Monday, November 13th, 1916

revellie 6.30 Breakfast 7.30 Prade 9am Practice rest of morning. fine day. Practice afternoon sent letters to Ethel G. Mason & E. Butler Hospital Hastings

Tuesday, November 14th, 1916

revellie 6.30 Breakfast 7.30 Prade 9am sent letter to may. received letter from Louie & papers from Aunt Annie. Short route march & practice rest of the afternoon

Wednesday, November 15th, 1916

revellie 6.30 breakfast 7.30 fine morning Prade 9am. nothing doing until afternoon then Band Practice sent letter to Louie & Papers saw Military Funeral

Thursday, November 16th, 1916

revellie 6.30 Breakfast 7.30 Short Prade 9am dull & very cool morning Practice in afternoon

Friday, November 17th, 1916

revellie 6.30 Breakfast 7.30 fine & very cool morning went for a route march through country about 10 miles & half Practice in afternoon Band had photo taken got letter from Annie & girls M.G.B.

Saturday, November 18th, 1916

revellie 6.30 Breakfast 7.30 9amPlayed Batt to prade grounds got letter from Elsie & Aunt Annie afternoon Holiday

Sunday, November 19th, 1916

Duty Band Played at revellie rained nearly all day wrote letter to Aunt Annie & Elsie & also the girls Minnie Gladys & Beat

Monday, November 20th, 1916

Duty Band Played before revellie fine morning Short prade Sent letter to Louie also E. Butler to Hastings retreat 4.30 Played through lines

Tuesday, November 21st, 1916

Played at revellie breakfast 7am Prade 9am Practice got letters from Louie & Aunt Annie afternoon Practice retreat 4.30 Played up & down lines

Wednesday, November 22nd, 1916

revellie 6.30 Break 7 Prade 8am Practice got letter from mother dated Oct 31/16 1 week later than Louies I received went all over the country

Thursday, November 23rd, 1916

Britannic Sunk revellie 6.30 Breakfast 7am Prade 9am. dull morning & cool. Reported Hospital Ship Britannic Sank. afternoon Band Practice 4.30 retreat letters from Mabel & Ethel

Friday, November 24th, 1916

Played at revellie 6.30 dull & raining 9am Prace & practice Practice in afternoon 4.30 retreat Draft Picked for France

Saturday, November 25th, 1916

revellie 6.30 Break 7am got papers dated Oct 20 & 21st from Ethel & Aunt Annie. cleaned Hut up Dinner 12Pm retreat 4.30

Sunday, November 26th, 1916

revellie 6.30 Breakfast 7.30 Church Prade 9am fine morning but cool afternoon wrote to Louie Mother Aunt Annie & Elsie went to Salvation Army

Monday, November 27th, 1916

Revellie 6.30 Breakfast 7am Prade 9am Practice afternoon Practice easy day

Tuesday, November 28th, 1916

Revellie 6.30 Breakfast 7am Muster Prade at 8am 9.30 Large draft went to France quite a lot of 135th men rest of morning Practice afternoon Practice night route march got letter from Mother

Wednesday, November 29th, 1916

revellie 6.30 Breakfast 7am short prade went to the dentist & wrote letter to Mother. dull morning. got letters from Louie & Annie afternoon Band Practice

Tuesday, November 30th, 1916

revellie 6.30 Breakfast 7am fine & cool morning 9am regular prade sent letter to Louie afternoon band Practice