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Date: March 1917

Thursday, March 1st, 1917

revellie 7am Breakfast 7.30am Prade & kit inspection at 9.30am 2Pm Physical Drill 7 bayonet fighting got letters from Mother. Louie. Aunt Annie Ethel & Mabel tues night. lots of areoplanes Passing over past through a few towns yesterday

Friday, March 2nd, 1917

revellie 7am Breakfast 7.30am 9am Bayonet fighting & Physical drill 2Pm route march full marching order 8 miles got Parcel & papers from Elsie Atkinson

Saturday, March 3rd, 1917

Parcel dated Jan 31/17 revellie 7am Breakfast 7.30am 9am musketry. Physical drill & Bayonet fighting. Papers from Aunt Annie & Mabel 2 bundles each 2Pm Played for football match for men & Baseball for officers

Sunday, March 4th, 1917

revellie 7am Breakfast 7.30am Prade 9am left for Auchell got there at 3.30Pm (Auchell) rest of afternoon off Left Leaires

Monday, March 5th, 1917

slept in old cart snow about 2 ins. in night revellie 6.30am Breakfast 7am Prade 9am to grounds for inspection by General Hill got back about 1Pm Bandmaster Crawford fell & broke knee cap sent to England

Tuesday, March 6th, 1917

revellie 7am Breakfast 7.30am Prade at 9am until 12.15Pm dinner 1Pm Prade 2 until 3.30Pm attached to 60 Battalion Bayonet Fighting Auchel

Wednesday, March 7th, 1917

revellie 6.30 Breakfast 7am Prade 8.30 to grounds Physical & Company drill Holiday afternoon sent letter to Louie & Mother cards to Ethel Aunt Annie & Hattie

Thursday, March 8th, 1917

revellie 6am Breakfast 6.30am went sick Prade first time very raw heel got to go in morning very gold. got letter from McKinley in Scotland

Friday, March 9th, 1917

revellie 6am Breakfast 6.30am sick Prade 7.30 bandaged heel & put on light duty. carried four pails of water in morning. Dinner 12.10Pm Supper 4Pm Sergts Mess

Saturday, March 10th, 1917

revellie 6am Breakfast 6.30am Sick Prade 7.30am dressed Heel & Put on light duty. cook at Sgts Mess told me Chas Jackson of the 135th died of fever in hospital

Sunday, March 11th, 1917

revellie 4.30am Breakfast 5am get ready for move up the line. 12 miles mud & water got there about 6Pm Started about 7.30am this morning tons & tons of ammunition Piled along roads

Monday, March 12th, 1917

revellie 7am Breakfast 7.30 went up line about 4.30 got there at 6Pm 260 in a hut sent out working Party all night

Tuesday, March 13th, 1917

saw first man out trenches wounded revellie 7am Breakfast 8am very dull & lots of mud Shells screaming slept nearly all day went out with party laying cables about four miles Past St Elio - out all night

Wednesday, March 14th, 1917

revellie 7am Breakfast 8am rest all day wet & very muddy Rifle inspection 2Pm rain nearly all day saw a big field filled with little crosses one of many

Thursday, March 15th, 1917

revellie 6.30am Breakfast 7.30am fell in for working Party but taken out & sent to doctor. dull day. saw air fight between British French & German 3Pm

Friday, March 16th, 1917

revellie 6.30am Breakfast 7am morning nothing doing afternoon 60th Batt went to trenches I was left on staff with band appointed assistant cook for Brass & bugle bands

Saturday, March 17th, 1917

revellie 6.30am Breakfast 7am fine day & sunny first day cooking nice easy dirty job saw another air fight last night. saw lots of Japanese soldiers from British Columbia

Sunday, March 18th, 1917

revellie for cooks 5am Breakfast 6am Marched to Goey 5 miles further back of line waiting for rest of Batt. I think it funny we nearly always move on a Sunday don't you

Monday, March 19th, 1917

received letter from Mother & F. Davis last night. revellie 5.30am. very windy rained nearly all night & cold. sent service cards to Aunt Annie. Mother & Annie

Tuesday, March 20th, 1917

revellie 6.30am Breakfast 7.15am send card with Lyre on. letter to Louie. Given Pair socks last night made by Soldiers comford association St Johns. N.B. Canada

Wednesday, March 21st, 1917

revellie 6.30am Breakfast 7.15am fair morning saw old Fritz shelling our battery no damage. put on brass Lyre on my tunic & overcoat. dinner 12.15Pm lots of our areoplanes overhead. saw church all shelled & crucifix still on wall

Thursday, March 22nd, 1917

revellie 5am Breakfast 6am our boys came out of trenches moved back to Bruay for rest about 12 miles after five days in the trenches mud & water up to hips

Friday, March 23rd, 1917

revellie 6.30am Breakfast 7.30am fair day Big bombardment cold night

Saturday, March 24th, 1917

revellie 5.10 Breakfast 7.30 fair but cool day big bombardment got 7 letters & 4 papers from Aunt Annie dated 12 x 13 x 22 x 23 Feb letters Sat 2 Mother 1 Louie 1 Masons 1 Annie 1 May 1 Aunt Annie & Elsie dated Feb 26/17

Sunday, March 25th, 1917

revellie 5am Breakfast 6.15am started again to march to Houdain & went as the 116th again after training with 60th Batt Col Gascoyne Montreal got 2 letters from Mother 1 from Aunt Annie 1 Ethel Church Service at Houdain at 2Pm fine afternoon

Monday, March 26th, 1917

revellie 6.30 Breakfast 7am rained & cold nearly all day. played guard on at 4.30Pm Dinner 12.15Pm Supper 5Pm Passed large areodrome Houdain rest Camp

Tuesday, March 27th, 1917

card to baby Beatrice revellie 6.30am Breakfast 7am sent letters to Mother. Louie Aunt Annie & card to Ethel. dinner 12.15Pm Supper 5Pm read about C. Foulkes Home 242 Hill St Free Press Feb 23/17 Nothing doing lots of areoplanes over

Wednesday, March 28th, 1917

revellie 6.30 Breakfast 7am Sun shining fine & bright. best spring day yet. Nothing doing

Thursday, March 29th, 1917

revellie 6.30 Breakfast 7am rained nearly all day nothing doing. dinner 12.30 Supper 5Pm. Church upon Hill town below Church & Graveyard

Friday, March 30th, 1917

revellie 6.30 Breakfast 7am fair morning got letters from 2 Mother 1 Louie Aunt Annie 1 Ethel Wrote to Annie Spicer letter sent cards to Mother Louie Aunt Annie & Ethel

Saturday, March 31st, 1917

revellie 6.30 Breakfast 7am white frost but fine morning. nothing doing sent letter with silk card to Mother. Put Lyre on overcoat