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Date: August 1917

Wednesday, August 1st, 1917

revellie 6.30 Breakfast 7am still raining 10am very cool & rainy nearly all day still helping cooks & quarters

Thursday, August 2nd, 1917

revellie 5.30 Breakfast 6am very wet all night & rained nearly all day helping cooks & quarters very muddy

Friday, August 3rd, 1917

3rd day of rain revellie 6.30 Breakfast 7am helping cooks & quarters. still raining got inoculated 11.30 am Sunday School Picnic at Port Stanley

Saturday, August 4th, 1917

3rd anniversary war got inoculated about 11.30 am I went back to bed arm swoolen terrible came out about 3Pm showery nearly all day very muddy got letters Mother Annie Aunt Annie & Mabel July 18

Sunday, August 5th, 1917

revellie 5.30 Breakfast 6am Boys went to ranges helping cook & quarter very fine day sent letter to Mother saw in Press July 11th cecil 1st elsie 3rd