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Date: March 1st 1944
Abbie and family

Nashua Mont
March 1st

Dear Abbie & family;-

I can't tell you how sorry we were to get Grace's letter yesterday about Orville, but lets hope and pray that he is still okey some where they will treat him well, if he is never found alive, we all know he died defending his country, like hundreds of our dear boys are doing.
I'm about a nervous wreck myself when I think of our boys, Jim out there in the Pacific his is in the 7th Air Force, we hear it mentioned over this Radio quite often. I had a letter from him yesterday he said he was getting along okey.
We had two letters from Ray Monday, he said he was feeling much better since his second trip to the hospital. And he has meet a couple of boys from home
We expect Gene this week end but it takes the pleasure out of things, when you think of them having to go back.
Poor Melville will feel pretty bad when he hears the news hope they have been able to se each other no too long ago.
Well Abbie I know just how you feel, as I have been through it, when Muriel died, we had her here with us, seems like that isn't quite so hard either
We thought we just couldn't take it, but its wonderful the strength God gives us at such time of sorrow, so hope you will be given the strength in this time of your great sorrow like so many Mothers are needing every day & hour as long as the old war lasts.
I only hope & pray that your other boys will come back safely & don't give up Orville may come back too.
Seems so funny Abbie that I kept thinking off you, & wrote to you Sunday, so I expect you have received it by now.
Hope you or Grace will write soon, & may God bless you all, will be thinking of you & sure wish I could see you all.

With love & best wishes from your
Sister Alice

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