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Date: April 10th 1939

Bighi Bay

April 10, 1939

Dear Dad:

Received your letter of March 20 today on board Glorious.

Glad to hear that you have returned from Vancouver and feel more or less rested up - whatever that means - sounds like you took a lot of exercise and played too much bridge and drank just the right amount of beer!

Delighted that you are putting my pictures in album form. I will continue to send installments from time to time.

I, too, would like to drop home for weekends, but I must be here in the front line. Actually I'm closer than that - somewhere north of no-man's land I believe!
Ida must have visited Calgary by now. She said she would, I believe, in her last letter to me. Jean should be doing well at C.C.I. It seems years and is since I went there. Over five years now, believe it or not, and also have had three birthdays abroad - two in England and one in Malta.

I am no shakes for size these days - registering a nice cool 190 lbs. and not fat in the middle yet!

I hope Bob does well at the B.A. Oil. He appears to have held that job down for some time now.

Weather very fine today and sea smooth. Squadron did some flying this morning, later landing on Glorious, where I am at present. I hear that the Americans have produced another Navy flying picture called "Wings of the Navy," which is probably well worth seeing.

Love and best regards