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Date: October 7th 1939

Fleet Air Arm Detachment
Dekheila Aerodrome
Alexandria Egypt

June 7, 1939

Dear Dad:

Received your very nice letter of May 14 today. Hope the King and Queen looked fit when the drove through Calgary. I have my new Naval Commission - had it in fact for about three months but nothing decent to sent it home in, but will in the near future.
Sam Soderholm (P.O. R.A.F.) came into our mess tent on Sunday evening. He had flown from Amman (Trans-Jordan I believe) - bomber pilot. Went to Calgary Tech with him in Calgary - marvellous type.

Unfortunately he had to fly back on Monday morning, so we had to celebrated Sunday night in Alexandria. He took me to supper in the poshest hotel - Hotel Cairo - and he sank many a rye highball etc. before breaking up at 1:00 a.m.

When two Canucks get together out here it's a real reunion. He is parked out in the desert miles from anywhere - so an occasional trip to civilization is a treat. He couldn't get over meeting me - thought I was safely back in Ye Olde England - green grass and everything.
I was sorry not to be back in Calgary to help put in the garden - no doubt the sunflowers will be a great success.

I thought Jean had a big enough holiday not to want to go to Banff with Ellen - but there's nothing holding these young ladies these days.

F/O Goodbody has promised to post this in Alex, so it has to be short.

With love to all at 1608.


"And a spanking for Ronny."