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Date: March 28th 1939


March 28, 1939

Dear Mother:

Thanks for your last airmail letter about Charles Hurst and Freda MacKinnon. What does he mean, anyway, getting engaged to my girlfriend! I see that they both have degrees in B.Sc. That ought to be enough scholastic brainpower for one couple.

Tell me no more about our friend Marshall - it makes me ill.

The last week here has been very fine - plenty of sunshine and heat.

I am very glad to hear that Bob is still working. Has he any serious girl friends these days?

Did a couple of trips this morning - squadron dive bombing on motor boat and later some individual aerobatics.

Mrs. Culbertson should be a whole lot happier being married again. I should think that rumour I heard about Marshall losing an arm was false - they tell me it went all over the stations at home, but Lord knows who started it!

How is Jean progressing with her studies these days! All I hear about her are party dresses and dances - not good enough!

I wonder if Bill Edwards is thinking of getting married these days. He should be in a position to, but his mother probably thinks he is too young.

Marshall will never get marriage allowance, but will have living-out allowance in lieu of living in the Officers' Mess.

Have you got the new car commissioned yet? I'll have to come home and give it a trial fun!