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Date: August 12th 1940

Cumberland Hotel,
Marble Arch,
London, W.1
Telephone Ambassador 1234.
Telegrams.Cumberosel, London

August 12, 1940

Dear Mother:

Just enjoying a short leave - my second in two years - and I have earned it.

Enclosing some pictures taken on the Thames near Maidenhead. Boy friend is George Pushman from Ottawa on sick leave from R.A.F. and Gina Murphy from Montreal. Afternoon at some Brigadier's country home.

Met a R.A.F. type at Canadian Officer's Club here in London - who came up and said - you're not Martyn are you? - Forget his name, but Charles M. - was shooting a line to him at Camrose before he came over.

Hoping to get fourteen days total, but not sure - Have a little over $550 to draw on so I am able to have quite a good time.

Quite a few Canadian officers in town and all aching for a crack at Hitler - grand types. Blatchford's brother Jim is over here - 35 and a sergeant in R.C. Engineers. Also travels on the road and knows Dad. Blatch has been taking Jim around - F/O and Sgt. - Incidentally, it is the younger brother who is looking out for Jim!

Luckily Blatch was in town for a night and we got together - first time in three years.
All the boys have been doing a wonderful job and are the real back bone.

Very sorry about my letter writing, but one gets too hollow-eyed and worn out to even think - let alone write.

Incidentally, my income tax is now £21 a year, or $105, so I am helping the war effort in more ways than one.

F/O Christie from Montreal has just shown me a picture of an Italian bomber which he forced into the sea without firing a shot - you can see the Ities swimming. One of our boys, if they are good, are worth 15 Limeys - Ha! Ha!

Lieut. John Collett, my observer, navigator, etc., is now well on the road to recovery and hopes to be back soon.

Strong rumours of me becoming an air fighting instructor in the fleet air arm but I hope not - too far from the Blitzkrieg.

Would love to see you mother and Ronny must be grand fun. How about taking Jean out dancing?

Send mail c/o Admiralty and best of love to Dad and Bob.