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Date: December 25th 1940

Cumberland Hotel,
Marble Arch,
London, W.1
Telephone Ambassador 1234.
Telegrams.Cumberosel, London

Dec. 25, 1940

Dear Dad:

Have been given fourteen days leave but can't afford to take it so will go back tomorrow.
I have gone to a dinner last night and am invited out this evening. The Canadian Officers Club is supplying a real Christmas lunch with all the trimmings so we're not too badly off.

I wish I had gone easy on the money situation on previous leaves, but I thought each time would be my last so that now when I can run up to London practically every other weekend if I want too - there's nothing doing - for awhile at least.

New job seems very interesting and I have flown a lot of new type aircraft which I have never flown before. I may add that my flying hours are very impressive these days.

Five days more and I shall I think be 25 - you must have been married a long time!

Hope you all had a very good Christmas and that everyone is well and happy - How is the business? - hear very little so I suppose you always send mail in the wrong ship. Ha! Ha!

I always regret that I haven't a home to go to over here - but still I'm glad you're not here too - so what?