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Date: February 6th 1940

RAF Station
Evanton Scotland

February 6, 1940

Dear Mother:

I received a letter from Blatchford today and he seems to be doing all right. Judging by the strict censoring going on, I suppose, or am beginning to suppose that some of my letters arrive looking like lattice blinds. Ho! Ho!

Bed was my resting place over the weekend, so I nearly managed to throw off a case of flu. Still feeling rather stuffy but much better.

Wonderful country up here - mountains, beautiful rivers, etc. with plenty of ducks, geese and venison to be had.

Jean, I see, still claims that although she goes to a great many dances and parties, a lot of work is put in on the curriculum. I must say that I hope this is true - in fact I almost believe it is.

No answer to my mail posted in England has been received as yet, but it should in the next few days. I hope!

I am enclosing a snap of sub/Lt. (A) Molyneux R.N.V.R. who has the M.C. for the last War and was a Captain (army). He is now flying again. He was in sailing ships before the War.

A good friend of mine - had a splendid time at Eastleigh and Southampton with him. These chaps never seem to grow old.